With locations in Columbia, Charleston, Summerville and Greenville, you may just refer to us as your local South Carolina gym. But there are a lot of words that can be used to describe our facilities: sports club, athletic training camp, wellness center.

Think about it; we offer more than just a set of machines and equipment you could theoretically have set up in your own home. We also offer personal training from certified professionals. You meet privately with someone who can help you target your trouble areas and determine a personalized strategy meet your fitness goals.

And there’s also a rotating schedule of classes for such fun and healthy activities as spinning, martial arts, yoga and dance. And those are available for beginners, moderate athletes and even those looking for a more hard-core, boot-camp type of exercise regimen.

Of course there’s also the communal aspect of Pivotal Fitness. In addition to taking classes with your friends, you can form partnerships with other gym members who share your schedule and provide ongoing motivation. You can even bring guests along with you if you have someone visiting from out of town.

Need some nutritional counseling? We offer that, too. You can start by accessing our supplement shop (at some locations) to pick up all of the vitamins and nutrients you need for a balanced diet before and after you exercise. Our nutritionists provide dietary information and inspirational support that’s specific to your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Other special aspects of our comprehensive Greenville sports club are our Ladies Only Facilities, where only women are around while you work out, and our childcare program, where kids can be active and have fun while you’re taking care of your workout. Some locations even boast a tanning salon.

As you can see, it’s an all-in-one health center that offers physical fitness, social networking and recreational advantages. Ask us anytime how you can get started – or just start getting even more involved in our numerous opportunities than you are already!

People often ask us how they can go about giving Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym membership to a loved one during the holidays. You don’t want to insult anyone by suggesting that they need to improve themselves, but you do want to make the gesture.

Here are a few things to consider that might help:

Yes, you can purchase a gym membership for someone other than yourself. But you may want to make sure that it’s something they’ll definitely enjoy and use before you do.

One way to help your loved one enjoy the gift of membership is to make it an activity you can do together. If you’re already a member, you can start by inviting your friend to visit the gym as your guest, so they can check it out for themselves. They can then sign up for their free 30-day trial gym membership. This allows both of you to see how that person will actually like the gift, and no purchase is necessary. Then, your friend will feel like the decision to join was something you helped with – but they ultimately chose for themselves.

When they’re ready to become a member, you can step in and help your friend buy the gift. Right now, he or she can currently take advantage of a complimentary personal training session, too. And if your loved one is a spouse, relation or co-worker, you might be able to take advantage of couples, family or corporate gym membership rates. We’re here to help you find the best options whenever you’re ready.

Because membership isn’t just something you can hand over in a bow-tied box, it requires some conversation between you and your friend. You definitely want to avoid suggesting that it’s something the other person “needs.” You can frame the membership as something you would enjoy giving to them or doing with them. Words like “fitness” and “well being” are optimal, while you may want to avoid suggesting someone isn’t healthy or needs to lose weight. We’re happy to talk to them about all the benefits if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Joining Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym has many perks. There are obvious ones, like toning up or slimming down. Working out can alleviate symptoms from a wide number of ailments – and even potentially lengthen a person’s lifespan. People often come just to relieve stress and gain self-confidence. It’s also a great place to make new friends and establish a sense of community. Any one of these is a great reason to make gym membership a gift this holiday season.

Did you know that our hours are meant to accommodate your schedule? We’re here first thing in the morning setting up for our very first Greenville gym visitors at 5 a.m. on Monday through Friday. That’s because many people like to hit the gym before they go to work or need to bring the kids to school. It’s often quiet first thing in the morning, and many people enjoy working out without too many distractions or members sharing the equipment. This can also limber you up for the day ahead, waking up your muscles.

On Monday through Thursday, we’re also open until 11 p.m. if you’re more of a night owl. Some people like to sneak out after the kids are asleep for a little alone time that allows them to process the day and work out any lingering frustration. It’s also a great way to tire yourself out for a good night’s sleep. Late at night is another quiet zone, just like in the morning. On Friday the schedule changes up a little, and we close our doors at 9 p.m. That’s because people usually have better things to do late on a Friday night than hit the gym and come in earlier instead!

Our busiest hours are afternoons on the weekends and after work on weekdays. On Saturdays, we’re open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. People who only work out on weekends or usually adjust their gym routine around their work schedule prefer to come in the middle of the day on the weekends. On Sunday, we’re open from noon to 6 p.m.

Although having a routine can help you stick to your fitness schedule, experts counsel that it’s important to visit the gym as soon as you’re motivated – rather than putting it off to a later or more typical time of day. You get more out of your workout and exercise more often when you trust your impulses to swing by our convenient Greenville gym location as soon as the mood strikes you – at any hour of operation throughout the week.

Did you know that your Greenville gym membership comes with guest privileges?

Your friends and family are going to be thrilled that you’re a member of Pivotal Fitness Greenville’s health club. Because that means they can stop by and work out at our top-rate facilities, too.

If your guest is a local resident who may consider their own membership, they can spend a day with you for free. They must be 18 and can only attain this privilege once for free. On the plus side, those considering gym membership don’t have to rely on you, since we offer a 7-day free trial; but your “sponsorship” can give them a taste to let them see the workout facilities and enjoy their time with you at the gym before considering their trial.

Return guests can pay a flat, low fee of $15 to come by for the day. So if you’ve got guests visiting you or want to bond with a co-worker outside of the office, just invite them along. All of our workout facilities and services are open to them when they sign up and get their guest card.

Plus, having a buddy with you can drastically improve your morale and therefore the overall effectiveness of your workout. You’re inspired to work harder, do more reps and simply have a fun time despite the challenges when your friend is at the gym with you.

We love to see new faces enjoying the equipment, classes and services available at our Greenville gym, so please never hesitate to talk to us about bringing along the people close to you — we know you’d love them to experience the many rewards of your healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that our Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym has an exclusive area just for females? That’s right; available through a private entrance, this section offers 4,000 square feet of space with weights, cardiovascular machines and other equipment that’s either especially suited for a woman’s workout routine or simply more popular with our female gym-goers than our men. It’s everything you need to work out distraction-free!

What are the benefits of a ladies-only gym? Well, many women prefer to work out in an area where they don’t feel judged by how they look to men. It provides them with a sense of empowerment, and enables them to let loose. No makeup necessary, cute gym clothes are optional—and you can always leave your body-consciousness at the door. It’s just about focusing on you, surrounded by other ladies who would like to do the same. Many times, women are much more productive and satisfied when working out only with their female gym-goers.

You can access the ladies-only gym with a standard membership. There is no specific membership just to the women’s gym, and you can partake of all other Pivotal Fitness benefits, classes and equipment anytime you’d like. We listen to what Greenville residents really want from their community gym. It’s just another way we stand out from the crowd to serve our members.