Go too hard on all the Halloween-themed candies and cocktails over the weekend? No regrets! But when you’re ready to toss out the leftover goodies and see the sugar binge come to a bittersweet end, consider Greenville gym your place to detoxify your body and get back on track.

To kick-start your metabolism — and sweat out all of the toxic stuff — sign up for a Greenville health club group class to shed those post-sugar-binge blues.

To treat yourself, here’s 3 sweat-inducing and system-cleansing solutions to promote your post-Halloween detox:

  1. Want a more easy-does-it detox? Take a Greenville yoga class. It’s not only good for system, but good for the soul. A more heating practice will deliver the best detoxifying results. Really work those twists deep when they come around to squeeze out lingering toxins.
  2. Cardio enthusiast? Try the Greenville health center “spin” on indoor cycling. This cardio session will most definitely deliver a full-body workout, complete with an adequate sweat.
  3. Don’t really feel like “working out”? Ditch the workout and hit the dance floor! Try a Greenville athletic club Zumba class. Cha cha it out in this fun atmosphere set to hypnotic Latin, hip hop, and international beats. Combine fast and slow rhythms for an effective, easy-to-follow dance-like aerobic workout sure to deliver a sweat whilst keeping a smile on your face.

But here’s what you probably don’t want to hear: exercise, while important, only takes you so far. It isn’t enough. Remember to clean up your eating this week to counter the candy consequences. Toss out leftover temptations and incorporate more of these 3 L’s into your diet: lean meats (protein!), legumes (because you still need carbs!) and lettuces (more greens, always!). Also, drink plenty of water.

Happy, healthy detoxing!