It’s very common for the chest region and shoulders to become tight and constricted as we sit and work through the day. For you athletes and gym enthusiasts, these areas can be even more prone to tightness. Through activities like sports, weight training, and other strength-building exercises, the muscles of the chest and shoulders can become shorter and hence, tighter. This tightness is often the result of neglecting to stretch.

Tight shoulders can wreak havoc. The tightness can ultimately turn into poor posture, severe pain, shoulder instability, and serious shoulder injuries. All of this can negatively impact your workouts and fitness goals at the Greenville sports club.

What’s more, tight shoulders can create a lot of tension in the body. All of this tension can lead to fatigue, muscle knots, pain, and even headaches! Tending to your shoulders regularly will help you release this tension, which will help to boost your energy, better your mood, and nix stress from your everyday life.

To counter tightness, ward off injuries, and boost your athletic performance, turn to some simple yoga poses to loosen up your shoulders and chest area pre- and/or post-workout at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym. Artfully designed for you athletic, gym-going types, here’s a short shoulder-opening stretch session.

Led by Sage Rountree, author of The Athletes Guide to Yoga, endurance coach athlete, and regular contributor to the Active Yogi column on, this 11-minute online yoga class – for athletes, desk and computer workers, and everyone – is bound to help you create more space and openness in your shoulders and heart area.

So, go ahead and take a break from your Greenville health center workout! Grab a yoga strap or a belt and enjoy moving your upper body in all directions. You’ll feel more open and prepared for your Greenville athletic club endeavors!

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