You’re bound to hit a point in your fitness journey where boredom begins to creep its way in. All of the familiar activities – treadmill/elliptical/rowing workouts and picking things up and putting them down – as beneficial as they are, are going to get redundant at some point. Of course, boredom serves as no excuse to just up and drop your Greenville gym fitness routine. But boredom may well serve as a signal that it’s time to switch things up with an unfamiliar Greenville athletic club activity, such as a Greenville yoga class.

Not only will yoga breathe new life into your fitness routine, but it will also complement all of those familiar gym activities. Yoga targets imbalances in the body, with its heavy emphasis on alignment. Yoga steadies the mind, with its emphasis on the breath. Yoga de-stresses the physical and mental body. Yoga strengthens, opens up, and detoxes the body. All of these yoga benefits are sure to boon your traditional Greenville health club routine.

But how do you start?

If a total newbie to the practice, start in a class designed for beginners. Like anything, it’s best to get familiar with the basics to ensure a strong, intelligent foundation before you approach more advanced practices and poses. If you jump right into an advanced practice, you’re bound to get overwhelmed, and even worst, injured. Ease into a practice that has you – a beginner – in mind.

If you want to cultivate a home practice, the Sun Salutations are a great starting point. A complete practice in itself, the energetic and accessible Sun Salutation sequence offers all of the benefits of yoga. You’ll sweat and detox, strengthen all of your muscles, stretch it out, and steady the mind through a focused, controlled breath. The Sun Salutations can also be a great warm-up for your workout. Hammer out a handful as quickly and mindfully as possible to wake up, warm up, and open up for your Greenville sports club workout ahead!