Don’t underestimate the power of yoga as a strength-building dynamo. If you practice a vigorous form of yoga regularly (3-6 times per week), you will undoubtedly notice increased muscle tone and enhanced definition.

Many people, however, believe that weightlifting is where it’s at in terms of building strength. True, lifting will most definitely boost your strength; however, it does so in a way very different from yoga. There’s an ongoing debate on which form of strength-building is better, but we won’t hash that out here. Weightlifting and yoga each have their strength-boosting merits. In fact, striking a balance between the two can produce incredible physical and mental results.

In many ways, yoga is a more convenient strength-training option. You don’t need all the equipment. In yoga, you simply support the weight of your own body with various muscle groups. For this reason, there is generally less risk for injury. Also, this tends to make yoga more of a full-body workout. In each pose, many different muscles are engaged simultaneously. It is less targeted than weight training.

Lifting, on the other hand, is oftentimes the quicker approach to realizing greater strength. It is not as skill heavy as yoga. In yoga, there is a lot going on – coordination, balance, breath, flexibly, quick transitions, pose after pose after pose, etc. In the practice, it is difficult to continue raising the bar in a noticeable way. With lifting, you simply increase the weight to monitor progress. In yoga, it’s more about increasing the holding time of postures and exploring different poses and pose variations. You may only realize subtle, gradual shifts in strength.

Weight training tends to make the muscles compact as they build up, which results in a bulky or bulging appearance. Yoga, however, lengthens out the muscles as they contract and build, so they end up looking a lot leaner but still tight and toned. For a balanced look, a combination of both practices can be effective.

The method you choose depends on what you wish to achieve in your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym.