Elevate your heart rate, torch calories, and broaden your athletic abilities. Upgrade your cardio in all capacities and choose from one of these group fitness cardio classes, all available at the Greenville health club!

  1. Spinning or Cycle. If you want a motivating workout, try this “spin” on indoor cycling at the Greenville sports club. This cardio workout is low-impact, so it’s very suitable for those who want to counter higher-impact exercises (like running) or for those who have some joint problems. If you think you’re only in for a leg workout, you’re in for a surprise. This is a full-body workout that will not only define and lean out your legs, but sculpt and strengthen all over. Greenville athletic club offers Cycle classes of varying levels and lengths to suit your individual needs. Put on your athletic shoes and get to pedaling!
  2. Zumba. Ditch the workout; hit the dance floor! Cha cha it out in this fun atmosphere set to hypnotic Latin, hip hop, and international rhythms. Combine fast and slow rhythms for an effective, easy-to-follow dance-like aerobic workout sure to target and tone your legs, abs, glutes, and arms. There’s no need for any previous dance experience to reap the benefits of this fat-burning, energizing form of interval training.
  3. Step. Move and groove! Step aerobics caught on in the 80’s as part of the aerobics craze and still prevails as a popular, complete full-body workout. Perform choreographed movements accompanied to music on a raised platform as you boost your cardio, strengthen your lower/upper body, increase coordination and muscular endurance, torch calories, and burn fat. We offer classes for all levels at the Greenville health center. For the beginner/intermediate stepper, join Jessica for a fun-filled hour-long STEP IT routine!
  4. Martial Arts. Everyone from elite athletes to supermodels have long been touting the benefits of Martial Arts as a complete body workout. Develop superior upper body and core strength, quickness and agility, and cardiovascular fitness, enhance posture, and relieve stress simultaneously! Our Martial Arts inspired classes, with programming for all ages and fitness levels, focus on specific techniques and drills. Test out an Air Boxing class with Greenville Gym Coach Dustin or an all levels Cardio Kick class to hone in on your boxing skills. End your session feeling physically and mentally empowered!