Simply stated, working with a trainer is a great way to know 1) where you are and 2) where you want to be. Also, working one on one with an exceptional certified personal trainer is a great way to:

  1. Push past plateaus. Maybe you’ve hit a roadblock in your training. One of our Greenville health club trainers can help pull you out of your fitness rut, determine areas of weakness, and implement a combination of concentrated fitness and nutrition coaching specifically designed for you.
  2. Receive expert guidance. Maybe it’s your first foray into fitness. If you’ve limited gym experience, a Greenville sports club personal trainer can be incredibly valuable. Learn how to use the equipment effectively. Learn how to design a workout effectively. Learn how to make the most of your gym time so you can realize results in no time!
  3. Sharpen your focus. Maybe group fitness classes and standard gym settings are overwhelming or distracting for you. A more private, intimate training experience can definitely bring more focus and comfortability to your workouts.
  4. Tackle your fitness obstacles. Whether it be fat loss, strength, mobility, body transformation, sports performance, and/or injury rehab or intervention, we’ve got you covered.
  5. Exercise on your schedule. Personal training aligns with your schedule and needs.

Want to give personal training a whirl?

When you join the Greenville gym, we schedule a free initial personal training session so you can test out this service. During your intro session, your trainer will perform some basic fitness assessments and discuss your goals/background/nutritional habits to create a recommended training trajectory. No commitments to packages are necessary until you are sure this special service is for you.

Whatever your health and wellness goals, our Greenville athletic club trainers can help.