If you haven’t tried yoga at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club, maybe it’s time to get on that.

Here’s why:

  1. Feel the yoga high. Do yoga, and you’ll just feel better, lighter, and happier. It’s an awesome de-stressor and a great way to work through and purge all of the things that aren’t serving you.
  2. Boost your energy. Looking for a natural energy boost? Feeling sluggish? Many yoga poses – especially backbends – have the power to increase your energy levels.
  3. Insomnia no more. One of the benefits of yoga is better, deeper sleep. Many of the more restorative postures promote relaxation, allowing sleep to come with greater ease (for example, Legs-Up-the-Wall pose).
  4. Get in the zone. Trying to sharpen your concentration? Yoga is the ultimate practice to focus your mind and get ready for whatever is ahead.
  5. Stay regular. Yoga will keep you on track, especially if you have an inversion practice.
  6. Beat the blues. Yoga has the power to soften mild depression (inversions are especially effective).
  7. Strengthen + sculpt. Yoga is the way to strength! With a regular practice, you can expect to target and tone ALL of the muscles of your body. Plus, you’ll cultivate core strength like never before!
  8. Harmonize. Harmonize the physical body by addressing imbalances or asymmetries. Harmonize the mental body by letting go of bad thoughts/emotional baggage, making space to receive more lightness and joy.
  9. Tune out, drop in. We live in a world of heightened noise, distraction, and stimulation. Yoga is an opportunity to tune out all of that and drop into a place of more stillness and serenity.
  10. Keep sickness at bay. A Greenville gym yoga class a day helps keep the doctor away.
  11. Stay healthy. A daily yoga practice decreases blood pressure, lowers your pulse rate, and improves blood circulation.
  12. Breathe easy. With its emphasis on the breath, yoga helps you to breathe deeper and more consciously, bringing more vitality, energy, and health for the whole body. Plus, learning to breathe will help you in other physical endeavors at the Greenville athletic club. Steadiness of the breath = steadiness of the mind = steadiness of the body.
  13. Detox. A crazy, sweaty Greenville yoga class is a sure way to burn off toxic build-ups in the physical body (and mental body!). Twists are especially detoxifying.
  14. Loosen up. Neglecting to stretch is a big no-no. To counter the stress and strain you are putting on your body during your Greenville health club workouts, do some yoga to loosen up and stay limber.
  15. Stay young. Many poses in the practice are thought to delay (even reverse!) the aging process. What’s more, yoga keeps your spine young. Most of us as we age, neglect the spine and it begins to lose its natural flexibility and range of motion. Yoga ensures that you keep movin’ and groovin’ with ease.

Convinced? You should be.