Have you gotten into the yoga craze yet? It’s no coincidence that this popular workout has only been gaining steam in times of national stress. Yoga not only limbers up the body, but it also soothes the mind. At Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville gym, yoga classes run regularly throughout each month to meet the growing enthusiasm we’ve seen among members. They run about seven times a week and range from Power Yoga to Yoga Flow. There’s also a weekly Yo-Lates class that merges yoga and Pilates. You can check the schedule to see what classes may be convenient for you to get started, or even set up an appointment with one of the instructors in advance to talk about what you can expect.

This workout appeals to a diverse class of all ages, genders, body types and levels of fitness. It’s easy to get kids involved with some of the simpler poses, and not too strenuous on older individuals. It’s perfect for those new to the gym who are seeking ways to stretch unused muscles and warm up before graduating to harder aerobics classes or longer sessions on the equipment. It’s also great for newcomers to participate in classes where they can join groups, form bonds and create support systems with other gym members. But even longtime gym-goers can accompany their fitness regimens with yoga, which can target muscle groups they don’t commonly train and help center them while their body recuperates after or between exercises. And it’s also a growing trend among men – whereas five years ago, the classes were a majority of women.

Yoga is also often recommended for medical purposes. It’s a low-impact way to work out for an hour for those with a weak heart. It’s perfect for holistic and naturopathic practitioners seeking ways to improve and strengthen their body without resorting to medicine – or along with vitamins and prescriptions. Even mothers can keep up with their health and fitness needs when they’re pregnant or have recently given birth. Because yoga releases endorphins and improves moods, doctors may recommend it for a wide variety of ailments, ranging from migraines to some cancers.

Come back next week for more benefits of yoga, and then contact our Greenville sportsclub to get started!