Last week, we started providing some of our top tips for how you can visit our Greenville sports club this summer while dressing appropriately and combating your body’s changing temperatures throughout the course of your visit to the gym. Here are a few more thoughts to consider:

  1. Bring layers. It’s summertime, and that means Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym is air-conditioned. You may start out chilly and wish to wear pants, long sleeves or a jacket while you’re coming into the locker room or even warming up. But once your body starts to gain additional heat and sweat, you’ll want to start stripping off layers to cool down. These should be easy to remove, even while you’re on the treadmill or in the middle of sets. Adjusting your layers for comfort and climate shouldn’t interrupt your performance. It’s important to have options and ensure that you can stay as warm or cool as you need to not overexert yourself or overheat. We have plenty of recommendations for the appropriate styles and brands of sports wear to add up to the ideal workout outfit.
  1. Don’t forget a towel. Once you start to sweat, a towel is your best accessory. You should be able to handily wipe stray beads from your body and brow, even as you’re working out. Keeping excess sweat off your hair and skin will keep you from getting too wet and chilly, so you can stay comfortable and keep going longer. Afterward, you can use your towel – or a different, designated towel – to wipe down the equipment you’ve used. This extra courtesy is the kind of gesture you’d want the person on the machines to use before you arrive, too, right?
  1. It’s all in the details. You might have the perfect outfit and shoes – even your towel and underwear – but there are a few other little items to take into account as well. First of all, jewelry. Your fingers swell or shrink as you start and end a workout, so your rings can become uncomfortable or even fall off. For necklaces and bracelets, you may not want favorite items banging against any equipment you’re using. And it can also scratch the machines. We suggest locking up valuables in your locker rather than keeping them on you – although another nifty trick is leaving items in the glove box of your car. Another thing to think about is bringing a hair tie, for women and men with long hair. Once you work up a sweat, you’ll want to pull that excess hair off the back of your neck. A hair tie or clip can be a lifesaver once you get into the groove and start turning up the heat!

Have any additional thoughts to share on the subject of how to dress or what to bring when it’s summer and you’re coming in to Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym? Please share!