Last week, we talked about what to eat before you work out. Continuing on the theme of nutrition and diet, this week we’re focusing on one of the most popular gym staples, the smoothie. Smoothies can be a refreshing snack that’s used either in place of a meal or as a between-meals energy booster than can also help curb your appetite.

Suggestive of ice cream or milkshakes, smoothies can trick you into feeling like you’re being much more decadent than you actually are, which is one reason they’re such a popular treat. Plus, it’s easy and fast to toss ingredients into a blender. There are so many combinations and flavors available, it’s a type of food you can east every day without getting bored. But there are better and worse smoothies you can order or make in your home. Knowing what to avoid and which ingredients are key makes all of the difference.

What to avoid:

  • Artificial sweeteners (like chocolate syrup or concentrate juices)
  • Excess sugar (try sweeter fruits or coconut juice or natural sugar cane crystals)
  • Ice cream or heavy cream (try fat-free yogurt or low-fat milk with ice)

What to add:

  • Fiber powders (such as wheat germ)
  • Vitamins (especially Vitamin C and Vitamin E)
  • Protein (try soy milk or even silky tofu)
  • Fresh fruits

Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville gym offers complete nutrition planning to complement your gym experience. We also offer a range of supplements that can target your specific dietary needs, so please ask us how you can enrich your meals to help you lose weight, maintain a healthy digestive balance and improve your overall health.