It’s the time of year for flipping mattresses, cleaning out closets and dusting in all those hard-to-reach places. But on top of sorting through old receipts and finally making some donations to Goodwill, what about spring cleaning that you can do for your fitness and health? Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club is emphasizing a spring-cleaning routine that can help you spruce up your workout. Try these steps:

  1. First of all, what you want to do is be honest with yourself about your fitness goals. Are you working out as much as you’d like, and are you getting a well-rounded health outcome from the activities you’re choosing? Now’s the time to figure out the little gray areas you’re missing out on – like drinking more water each day, taking extra vitamins or coming to the gym three times per week instead of two. Reevaluate any muscle mass or weight loss goals so that these are fresh in your mind and can help motivate you for the new season.
  2. Next, make a list of your weaknesses and strengths. This should be an honest assessment about how you can improve. Do you usually skip your warm up? Do you sometimes cut those reps in half? By admitting places where you cut corners and can stop shirking off, you can come back to the gym with a clean conscious and renewed commitment to excel.
  3. Of course, it’s not all about beating yourself up! You come to our Greenville gym, after all, to feel good about yourself. You can always boost your confidence by taking the time to appraise and appreciate your strengths. If you’re a yoga pro, you may want to take an extra class or move up to a harder level in order to celebrate how far you’ve come since you got started.
  4. Lastly, what can you do to make your gym visit even more enjoyable? Maybe this is a great time to spoil yourself with some special sneakers. Maybe you should hit up your friends for some new tune suggestions for your iPod. A colorful, flattering outfit for the gym can help you feel powerful and positive-minded. Maybe it’s time you enrolled in some classes to meet new people and become more involved in a fun, social way. Spring cleaning is a great excuse to make some of these choices and get the most from your visits to the gym!