My answer: No.

The word diet has a very negative connotation in modern society. The word diet implies restriction, elimination, lack of flavor, struggle, and ultimately, failure.

Unfortunately, most of the “diets” out there aren’t sustainable and, quite frankly, aren’t healthy or self-supporting. Most “diets” do set you up for failure. In fact, anything that promotes absolute restriction is psychologically damaging. Ultimately, unless you have the willpower of a superhero, you will cave and break a diet of restriction. An innocent scoop of ice cream will lead to a bigger-than-pint-sized ice cream binge. Some sort of “poison” will tempt you and you will surrender to the temptation. Accompanying this fall will surely be feelings of guilt and self-damning thoughts. How ridiculous!

Any diet that totally cuts you off from specific foods, food groups, and indulgences is not psychologically sustainable or healthy. Diets should, rather, set up structure. Within that structure should be opportunities to freely enjoy those temptations without guilt. Let’s call these opportunities mini indulgences. This, my Greenville gym friends, is a healthy “diet.”

I urge you to reinvent the word diet for yourself or to let go of the word altogether. Craft a nourishment plan – a plan that you know to work for your mind and body constitution. Within that plan, leave space to stray and indulge. Food, though primarily fuel, is also meant to be enjoyed. Having a piece of sexy chocolate cake, a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s finest, or a bag of finger-licking good BBQ chips, isn’t going to put in dent in your health and Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym goals if you eat with awareness and strategy.

Three nourishment plans out there that I believe to be self-supporting, nourishing, wholesome and life transforming are the Slow-carb, Paleo, and Ayurvedic plans. My nourishment plan draws from all three realms after heavy experimentation and lots of research.

Slow-Carb = Nourishment from meats, greens, and legumes/beans (slow carbs) 6 days a week. Day 7 = Cheat Day oftentimes set aside for Saturday (dubbed Faturday).

Paleo = This is the Caveman diet and includes food groups that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have consumed during the Paleolithic era, or Stone Age, such as meat, seafood, and unlimited consumption of low-glycemic fruits and veggies.

Ayurveda = “The Science of Life.” This ancient science crafts nourishment plans that are customized based on your individual mind and body tendencies and traits.

Explore these different nourishment realms. Observe any positive changes and shifts. Maybe you feel more energized for your Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym workouts. Maybe you feel stronger. You should feel only positive transformations. Any nourishment method you choose should feel good and empowering. If it doesn’t, get rid of it. Plain and simple.

Here’s to wholesome, empowering foods and mind/body elevation!