Summer is officially here in Greenville and temperatures are up above 90 degrees everyday! If you are not bikini ready, you probably wish you were. It’s time to stop wishing and get a body you can bare with Pilates.

Pilates can help you transform the way your body looks and feels. By focusing on improving flexibility and strength, you will develop long lean muscles, not bulk.  At Pivotal Fitness we offer the widest array of Pilates classes at any Greenville gym including group mat class, Jump board class, Pilates with Props, as well as classes with the Allegro Pilates Reformer or EXO Chair.

You won’t find a better bikini body workout, we guarantee it! All of our Pilates classes will give you a full body workout that will help you tone and firm by working every muscle group so that you can confidently bare your body in a bikini.

Besides helping you to look good, Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville Pilates classes will also help you feel good. With its focus on proper breathing techniques, flexibility, and lengthening your spine, Pilates is the cure for many ailments.

To start incorporating Pilates into your fitness plan, sign up for a complimentary session on us! All members and non-members are entitled to one free trial session on the Allegro Reformer. See the Greenville Gym Schedule of Classes for days and times. Sign-up at the front desk, or contact Suzanne Cromer at

Already a Pilates enthusiast? Tell your friends and get ONE FREE group class with each friend referral!