Some people come to the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym with a specific purpose in mind. To lose weight. To get in shape. To build muscle. To train for a triathlon or athletic team tryouts. But no matter what your health and fitness goal is – and despite the diversity of classes and equipment that our Greenville sports club offers, which can suit almost any need – there is one option that’s applicable to every member: boot camp.

Although the name may be intimidating and the curriculum is intensive, you shouldn’t be afraid to try boot camp. Your instructor will help you warm up and cool down after exercises and keep in touch with your needs and limitations so that you can make the most of the challenging classes. Regardless of what you’ve seen in those army movies, at Pivotal Fitness Greenville it’s is all about getting you in shape – not kicking your butt.

The purpose of any boot camp is to strengthen your core and challenge your limits in order to break down barriers of physical fitness. This is in terms of endurance as well as sheer strength, and mixes many influences of aerobic exercise and muscle coordination. While you can lift weights or work out anytime on your own, participating in boot camp is the foundational training you need to make the most of any additional exercise. You might be training your quads and hamstrings for running on the treadmill, but the all-over body workout of boot camp strengthens your lungs, your heart and your core to help you run longer, faster. It’s all part of one complete training package.

Plus, you can join these group fitness classes on a regular basis with the same trainers and classmate who can encourage you to keep going and share your growing pains as you teach your body to reach new heights. After all, doesn’t suffering with friends always make it more fun? And you have people to commiserate or celebrate with after you’ve reached a new level of tolerance and stamina.

Boot camp classes take place about twice a week; you can check this month’s Fitness Schedule (under “Services” on the home page) for exact times. Ask about introductory and complementary classes you can take to prepare you to join and enjoy boot camp.

Exercise boot camps are all the rage these days for good reason. These high intensity exercise programs guide you through a variety of exercises that provide core strength and conditioning, enhancing your overall level of fitness. At Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville health club our boot camps incorporate a variety of weight lifting, aerobics, body sculpting and core training activities.

The great thing about the boot camps at our Greenville gym is that it is appropriate for all fitness levels. Whether you are beginning a fitness routine or are trying to take your fitness to the next level, boot camp classes at Pivotal Fitness will help you reach your goals. No class is the same! We will constantly be mixing up your classes so you can work out your entire body without boredom.

At Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville fitness center, we strive to provide all of the latest fitness classes so you can incorporate some variety into your workout routine. Many companies now strictly offer boot camps or yoga classes, but at Pivotal Fitness, we have it all. Your monthly fee gets you access to great equipment, a variety of fitness professionals and group training classes galore. So stop wasting your money paying for separate classes all over town and let Pivotal Fitness be your one stop Greenville fitness facility!

Helpful Tip: If you miss a class, you can visit the blog of our Group Fitness Coordinator, Lisl Windham, where she posts the latest exercise routines from the boot camp classes and much more!