On the new show Thintervention with Jackie Warner, the celebrity personal trainer puts a group of clients through intense circuit training workouts to jump start their weight loss. The first episode chronicles the first week of training ending with all of the clients losing between 4-10 pounds. If you have seen this show you might be wondering: what is circuit training and how can I use it to reach my goals? As your partner in health and fitness and your Greenville health club of choice, we will break it down for you:

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a workout that combines cardiovascular fitness and resistance training. By allowing only 30-90 seconds between each resistance training exercise (station) your heart beat rises and a cardiovascular workout is incorporated. You can incorporate as many as 6-10 workout stations in a circuit and then repeat the circuit 3-5 times. Circuit training is a great way to mix up your workouts. With so many exercises to choose from you don’t ever have to do the same circuit more than once.

Why does Circuit Training Work?

By combining your cardiovascular workout with your weight training you will be getting greater results in a shorter amount of time, reducing the need to spend long hours in the gym in order to reach your fitness goals. Plus fewer rest periods encourages the stimulation of hormones which help your muscles to grow (which increases your metabolism and fat burning capabilities).

If you are interested in incorporating circuit training into your fitness routine but don’t know how to get started, stop by and visit our personal trainers who can take you through a circuit training workout routine. Pivotal Fitness Greenville personal trainers are required to have NCAA certification and attend ongoing continuing education. As a member of our Greenville gym you are entitled to one free personal training session, so stop by today and find out how circuit training can work for you.