Got core?

If you’re seeking exercises to both strengthen and sculpt your abs, consider yoga your core-boosting solution.

That means skip the old school sit-ups and step away from the ab machine.

Step on to the yoga mat, instead. You (and your midsection) won’t be disappointed. Yoga delivers a complete core workout, effectively targeting all layers of the abs: the rectus abdominis, the obliques (internal and external), and the transversus abdominis (the deepest layer of ab muscle).

Here’s 3 powerful core exercises you can do pre or post-workout at the Greenville athletic club or even, mix into your regular workouts or HIIT routines. Bonus: All exercises also promote greater upper body strength, so you can show off some toned triceps to match that tight tummy.

  1. Core Sequence Using Plank Pose: Plank pose is the Holy Grail of core exercises. Incorporate this plank routine into your Greenville health club workout, do it post-run or cardio session, or add it into the middle of your yoga practice. Whenever, wherever.
  2. Core Strengthening Series: Strengthen your abdominus rectus (the six pack abs) in this core sequence. This sequence is best if practiced after your Greenville sports club workout. Sprinkle it into your cool down routine.
  3. 5 Yoga-Inspired Core Exercises: Challenge your abs from all directions. Two of the exercises in this free online yoga video use weights, but they can be done with or without them. We suggest you accept the challenge and grab a pair of light hand weights.

All yoga is beneficial for the core. To enhance your core intelligence, support and strength even more, we suggest you try out a Greenville yoga class. Choose a more vigorous style, such as Vinyasa, to really get an adequate fix of abdominal work. Visit the Greenville gym website to learn more about our yoga class schedule and styles.


I have a friend who uses her exercise ball as a desk chair substitute. Sure, that is a fine use for it, but an exercise ball (also referred to as a Swiss ball, stability ball, gym ball, or a yoga ball) is good for way more than simply sitting. Using an exercise ball promotes many health and fitness benefits, plus it is an incredibly accessible exercise tool to use while you are working out at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club.

With regular use of an exercise ball you can expect to:

  1. Improve your muscle tone and balance.
  2. Support your physical therapy progress, if you are going through that process.
  3. Boost your deep core strength.
  4. Condition your stabilizer muscles – the muscles of the deep core and lower back.
  5. Strengthen the muscles of your lower back, lowering your risk for lower back pain and injury.
  6. Enhance your balance due to the development of a stronger core center.
  7. Better your core alignment.
  8. Promote a healthier posture (especially if using it as a desk chair substitute).
  9. Start stretching more, thus enhancing your overall flexibility. It is an especially great exercise tool to open up the shoulders, upper back, neck, and chest. Simply sit on it, bend back, and let your arms fall over your head to receive a nice chest/shoulder/upper back opening.
  10. Add variety to your daily Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym workouts.

To discover and practice new exercises and workouts to carry out with the stability ball, click HERE. Also, find information on how to spice up the exercise ball workouts with hand weights and more!

Strengthen, sculpt, stabilize, and spice up your strength-training regimen with some exercise ball action at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health center.

  1. Get stronger. Develop greater overall strength, especially in the core.
  2. Fire up your core. Challenge and sculpt your midsection by working the deep core muscles of the body.
  3. Be comfortable. Most of the movements are gentle and are performed in a seated or supine (reclining) position. The impact is low and the weight bearing materials are minimal making this form of exercise incredibly safe and supportive. Plus, there are many modifications for the practice allowing you to work where you are at and slowly build the intensity. Due to its accessibly, Pilates is a great tool for physical therapy.
  4. Improve balance. Enhancing your abdominal strength and building deep core support will strongly benefit your ability to balance.
  5. Increase body awareness. Become more connected in mind and body.
  6. Move with greater ease. Re-train the body to maintain proper alignment to move more safely and efficiently – a great tool for injury recovery, sports and Greenville gym performance, proper posture, and overall health and fitness.
  7. Achieve body symmetry. Correct muscular imbalances and remove blockages i.e. tight shoulders, hips, hammies, etc.
  8. Pain relief. Do Pilates to find relief from certain types of back pain. Many people use Pilates to actually manage the symptoms of their back pain. For some, it has proven incredibly effective.
  9. Reduce your risk of injury. Creating a body of equal flexibility and strength strongly reduces your risk for injury while you’re working it hard at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym.
  10. Boost your game. Enhance your sports performance and your Greenville gym activity as a result of all the benefits Pilates will provide you, including greater agility, strength, balance, concentration, and flexibility. This is why many professional athletes turn to Pilates. It is a great preventative tool and also, great for overall mind and body enhancement.
  11. Learn to breathe. Pilates will teach you how to develop more efficient breathing. Each movement is connected with the breath, thereby enhancing mind-body unification and flowing, unforced movements. Also, breathing reduces stress and refreshes the mind and body.