When most of us think about cutting back on belly fat, we’re thinking about that flabby band that’s so hard to conquer that sits between the waist and hips. At our Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym, we often hear members talking about this area as one of their main targets when it comes to losing weight and muscle tone. What many people don’t know is that while this fat might seem like your worst enemy when you’re trying to buy new jeans, it’s the fat you can’t see in the same area that can potentially be very harmful to your health.

Layers below that padding that’s visible to the naked eye is what’s known as visceral or liver fat, the cells that are distributed between your organs. This is the kind of fat that is most dangerous, because it can put your heart at risk or potentially lead to diabetes.

A new study by the Duke University Medical Center looked into the best way to combat this fat. By comparing the effects of aerobic exercise, resistance training and a combination of both, researchers determined that aerobic exercise has the biggest impact on reducing belly fat. reports that aerobic exercise not only reduced the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, it also improved fasting insulin resistance. Aerobics alone scored better than resistance training or both in each area, burning 67% more calories than just resistance training. Scientists indicated that though their test subjects underwent rigorous exercise, even moderate aerobics can go a long way.

Looking for an aerobic exercise plan that can cut back liver and visceral fat? We have options for every training level that can suit your schedule and target the parts of your body you want to work on the most. For those living in and around Greenville, sports club membership is a convenient way to improve your overall health – starting with an aerobics plan that can attack that unwanted belly fat. Don’t worry, we’ll help you cut back on that visible tummy flab, too!