I have a friend who uses her exercise ball as a desk chair substitute. Sure, that is a fine use for it, but an exercise ball (also referred to as a Swiss ball, stability ball, gym ball, or a yoga ball) is good for way more than simply sitting. Using an exercise ball promotes many health and fitness benefits, plus it is an incredibly accessible exercise tool to use while you are working out at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club.

With regular use of an exercise ball you can expect to:

  1. Improve your muscle tone and balance.
  2. Support your physical therapy progress, if you are going through that process.
  3. Boost your deep core strength.
  4. Condition your stabilizer muscles – the muscles of the deep core and lower back.
  5. Strengthen the muscles of your lower back, lowering your risk for lower back pain and injury.
  6. Enhance your balance due to the development of a stronger core center.
  7. Better your core alignment.
  8. Promote a healthier posture (especially if using it as a desk chair substitute).
  9. Start stretching more, thus enhancing your overall flexibility. It is an especially great exercise tool to open up the shoulders, upper back, neck, and chest. Simply sit on it, bend back, and let your arms fall over your head to receive a nice chest/shoulder/upper back opening.
  10. Add variety to your daily Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym workouts.

To discover and practice new exercises and workouts to carry out with the stability ball, click HERE. Also, find information on how to spice up the exercise ball workouts with hand weights and more!

Strengthen, sculpt, stabilize, and spice up your strength-training regimen with some exercise ball action at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health center.