Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lifestyles, reaching far beyond communication and information to fun, entertaining and useful tools that we can carry with us in our pockets. With cell phone apps, we can check our bank balance or play games while waiting in line at the store. But did you know that there are also plenty of fun applications that can help you stay healthy and have more fun working out?

Here are just a few of the many health- and exercise-related mobile apps to check out:

1. Calorie Tracker: This free app stores data for nearly half a million foods and over 2,000 activities, so you can just tell it what you’re eating and up to each day and it can calculate your calories while providing helpful charts and summaries.

2. iPhodometer: This app measures how many steps you take while jogging, walking or simply running errands. It calculates your weight, food intake, travel pace and time spent exercising to give you accurate results. It’s also free to download!

3. BP Buddy: Whether you want to keep an eye on your blood pressure or just gauge your stress levels over time, this app lets you enter daily data about your activities, emotions, heart rate and other factors to assimilate info about your health. It’s now 60% off at iTunes. Please note that this app shouldn’t substitute professional medical care.

Do you use technology to help you keep track of your weight, nutrition, food, medicine or exercise schedule? Let us know, we always love to hear about the newest craze! In addition to spreading these inspirational apps around our Greenville gym, we’re happy to share your ideas with the teams and members at our other South Carolina gym locations in Charleston, Somerville and Columbia.