Although it makes for a funny sitcom setup, giving someone a gym membership as a gift is not code for: “I think you need to lose weight.” In fact, membership is an extremely thoughtful gift because it’s usually something that people already want to do—but haven’t yet found the motivation. However, when they have no excuse not to go, they can finally fulfill this interest. And when they realize how much healthier and happier they feel after visiting the gym on a regular basis, they will know they have you to thank.

Membership to Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville health club is an ideal gift idea. But don’t forget our other convenient locations in Columbia, Summerville and Charleston, South Carolina. Throughout the holidays, we’re looking forward to seeing a lot of fresh faces and introducing new members to all of our locations. No one has to feel out of place because they’re just getting started. Our staff is committed to helping new members find the resources they need to immediately take advantage of all of our programs and equipment. We’re also dedicated to helping first-time gym members find the motivation to stick with their new health efforts.

On top of helping the recipient stay in shape and feel great about their overall health, a gym membership offers other perks as well. It’s an escape, a sanctuary—a chance for someone to devote time just to their own needs in an atmosphere that’s far from the pressures of work and home. Plus, it may not just be a gift for the recipient—his or her significant other may be happy that the person they love has more energy and feels great. And kids will also benefit from the residual vibes of a parent who has less stress and more contentment in their everyday life.

Interested to learn more? Contact us to discuss the benefits of giving the gift of a Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym membership.