A few weeks ago, we discussed three fitness videos that can help you shed pounds fast. There was one that didn’t make the cut, but it’s been garnering a lot of attention ever since it was unofficially publicized via a high-profile politician in recent weeks.

Republican Party candidate for vice president — the athletically built, 42-year-old Paul Ryan, who shares the GOP ticket with presidential hopeful Mitt Romney — has stated in interviews that he stays fit by using the P90X. The fitness plan is broken down into 12 segments, led by fitness celebrity Tony Horton, and comes in kits for Base, Deluxe or Ultimate. The 90-day workout blends weight training, yoga, cardio and martial arts.

Surely its promoters were instantly overjoyed by the free publicity and the nationwide attention that the workout program suddenly received. Now it’s a regimen that’s on everyone’s tongues, on par with the previously popular Insanity workouts that we mentioned in our previous blog. The P90X makers told Huffington Post in August that they were “excited” to have a hand in Ryan’s fitness plan and the way he promotes the benefits of exercise on a global stage. In fact, reported that P90X eventually went ahead and purchased Google Ads featuring searches for “Paul Ryan fitness” leading back to their product and website.

Both appearance and health have proven to be important factors when it comes to how Americans choose their leaders. They want to elect officials who have endurance, strength and youth on their sides. And it helps that first lady Michelle Obama has set a recent standard for politicians taking a public stand on countrywide health, both with her own fit form and her promotion of the Let’s Move! program to combat obesity, especially in children.

Even those who would typically oppose the Romney/Ryan ticket are finding common grounds with the White House hopefuls thanks to this workout plan. Notedly, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister brought it up while speaking to the media about the fact that the band asked the GOP not to use “We’re Not Gonna Take It” for its campaign playlist, stating: “There is almost nothing on which I agree with Paul Ryan, except perhaps the use of the P90X.”