If it’s your first time stepping foot into a gym, these beginner fitness tips are for you.

  1. Warm Up: Try a beginner yoga sequence to build heat and prep your body for the workout ahead. This step-by-step sequence will fit the bill for a beginner yogi.
  2. Hydrate: If you’re not hydrating, you’re doing yourself and your Greenville gym workouts a huge disservice. Drink up!
  3. Consult an Expert: Before you dive in, consult a Greenville health club personal trainer. If you’re trying to shed pounds and are new to the exercise scene, you need a plan that you can actually commit to. Book a session with one of our personal trainers to devise a well-balanced, reasonable workout and nutritional plan to maximize your time and efforts at the Greenville sports club.
  4. Leave Your Ego at the Door: You don’t have to prove anything here at the Greenville athletic club. We don’t care how hard you run or how heavy you lift, as long as you’re giving it your all. Follow this mantra: train hard, stay humble. The moment your ego starts creeping in, is the moment you start making stupid moves that could make you look silly or worse, jeopardize your safety.
  5. Wind Down: Don’t forget to seal your workouts with a cool down! This is crucial for countering the physical stress you’ve put on your body and to reset mentally. To stretch it out and calm the mind, try this 11-minute yoga sequence. To wind down even more, consider a gentle Greenville yoga class.
  6. Recover: A good workout just isn’t complete without a proper cool down. What you do immediately post-workout affects how your body reacts and responds to all that hard work. Be sure to rehydrate, stretch it out, and consume a high-protein, high carb snack. Also, follow up all that hard work with clean, balanced eating. Working out only gets you so far. You must complement all of that effort with proper nutrition!

The season of fall is in full force. Each season presents new fitness opportunities and challenges. With this, comes the need to modify your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club accordingly.

Implement these simple fitness tips to adjust with ease into fall:

  1. Go outside.
    The crisp fall air combined with the beautiful fall colors provides a lovely workout environment. Before you hit up the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club for strength training or what not, take a run outside to enjoy the cool temperatures and fall scenery. Before you know it, winter will be here and you’ll wish you could take your workouts outdoors. Act now.
  2. Bring in the new.
    Fall is an awesome season to explore new activities. It’s a very active season reflecting the active changes in nature. Yoga can be an especially grounding activity during this very lively time. Try out some Greenville yoga classes to enhance your calm and find your center.
  3. Get motivated.
    Reassess your Greenville gym fitness goals. What is it that you’d like to accomplish? Strength? Cardio? Race day preparation? Flexibility? You need to have your fitness intentions firmly set. But don’t stop there. You have to put these intentions into action. To keep the ball in motion, you need motivating factors. Maybe you and a friend pair up to keep one another in check. Maybe you hire a personal trainer at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health center. Maybe you join a group fitness class. Whatever it is, have it in place to stay on top of your game.
  4. Eat fresh.
    Lightly prepare seasonal eats to stay balanced in the midst of fall. When possible, try to select organic, local items to best support your health and wellness. Since the temps are dropping, opt for warming, grounding foods, such as soups, chili, stews, warm drinks, heating spices, etc.
  5. Warm up.
    Since the temperatures are getting colder, it’s important to adequately warm up for your fitness endeavors. Do some light cardio to get heated. Warming the muscles helps to prevent injury.

Fall into this glorious season with some grace!