From Jazzercise to Tae Bo, there are many “interesting” fitness trends that our gym members may have come across in the course of pursuing a smaller waistline or healthier lifestyle over the years. And 2011 certainly highlighted a number of options that either came into the limelight or grew hugely in demand, like:

1. Parkour – Maybe you only know about Parkour from sneaker commercials and that one classic episode of “The Office.” Or maybe you heard of it because it’s one of the top trends for those who want to be mobile and act tough without resorting to combat lessons, boot camps and fight clubs. Participants are challenged with staying perpetually agile while running and jumping around any obstacle in their path, from walls to hurdles, while being efficient in their movement choices and using full body strength. Parkour is currently the hip way to show off to your friends while toning up.

2. Zumba – Like to work out? Like to dance? What about the salsa or merengue? Zumba is an exercise program that pairs high-energy Latin music and moves that are made to help you get in shape. It’s a fun, festive and fast-paced alternative for those who are bored by the standard Billboard Charts dance classes. Though it was developed in the 1990s, 2011 became a big year for the introduction of Zumba to the masses of all cultural backgrounds and dance skill or athletic levels.

3. Juice diets – Liquid diets certainly aren’t new. But as organic produce, vegan lifestyles and farmers markets have become prevalent, the juice diet soared in popularity with everyone from serious dieters to fashionistas just trying to lose a few pounds for the next big party. Numerous websites now offer juice diet plans where custom beverages can be delivered to your door – and there are countless recipes available to make your own at home. Lasting anywhere from two days to a week, this craze is a tasty way to substitute a few or many meals to quickly lose some water weight and purify the body. However, we would like to remind juice dieters to be careful that they receive the correct amount of daily calories and H2O. And diets are always best helped by a regulated exercise plan, especially in the long-term. Ask any of our nutritionists for further information if you’re interested!

What new fitness trends and health discoveries will come into popularity in 2012? Only time will tell, but everyone at Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club is excited to find out – and bring those exciting classes and techniques to you. It’s just part of our New Year’s resolution to keep bringing you the best overall health and wellness programs we can possibly offer.