We all know that it’s important to drink a lot of water every day to stay healthy. But how much water are we supposed to drink? According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s no clear answer (no pun intended). How much you need to drink depends on your age, weight, location, lifestyle and other factors. For example, if you’re working out a lot, you obviously need to drink more water before, during and after your exercise routine. Those dieting may also want to consume more water throughout the day. Adults and heavyset individuals need more than children and thin individuals.

Benefits to drinking throughout the day include:

  • Staying refreshed in the summer heat.
  • Suppressing your appetite/encouraging your metabolism.
  • Flushing toxins out of your system.
  • Regulating your body systems.
  • Sustaining ongoing energy.

As a general marker, you might want to start with 8 cups of water per day (about 8 oz. each). This falls among the 2-3 liters of all beverages you should consume per day, with an output of about half as much clear, yellow urine.

Your intake of daily liquids may involve drinks other than water. We recommend beverages low on sugars and salts (you can check the calorie count in general) with antioxidants and vitamins. Orange or grapefruit juice are excellent picks, and coconut water has become a trendy drink to gain antioxidants without artificial additives. Learn more about the benefits of coconut water next week.