Before you can step through the doors of the gym for the very first time, there are several other important steps you might need to take. It’s important to get the right mind frame to change your lifestyle before it can become a reality. But if you’re feeling intimidated (as we discussed last week), there are mental exercises you can do even before you come to check out our facilities and try our free Greenville gym membership trial.

Here are the first three easy exercises to put you in the right state of mind:

  1. Think about goals. The first thing that any fitness advisor will ask you is what you want to gain by visiting the gym in Greenville. This might be certain body parts that you want to tone, a specific weight you want to achieve or less specific ideas like flexibility, durability and a longer lifespan. Having an agenda not only helps motivate you to go to the gym, but it also helps you figure out what kinds of activities and exercises you’re going to be interested in. It’s also just much easier to reach your goals once you name them and make them real.
  1. Assess your health. You may have an idea of your goals, but do you know where you already stand when it comes to meeting them? You can assess your BMI to get a general idea of where you stand on the healthy weight ratio. Do you have any injuries, illnesses or other physical limitations that a trainer might want to know about? How is your stamina? Go for a long walk and see how long it takes for you to need a rest or get out of breath. Look at the foods you’re eating and see if you can make more nutritious choices that might complement your workout plans. You should also learn what kinds of foods to eat before and after you work out in order to make the most of your gym visit.
  1. Think about timing. What’s the best time of day for you to visit your local Greenville gym? Maybe it’s on your way to work, or maybe it’s later in the evening. How many days of the week do you aspire to visit the gym? You might not need to find time for an hour of working out each time you come if you can come everyday during your lunch break for a short run. Coming up with a routine and schedule that might work for you — even if you have to adapt it down the road — will help make the idea more concrete.

Check back next week for three more tips to psych yourself up!