When newcomers join our Greenville gym, we like to ask about their aspirations. One tangible goal for many is learning how to run. Of course, we all know how to run, or move faster than walking on our own power; but in this case, it means running for a sustained period with the technique necessary to optimize the experience for your body, weight and health. The first effort toward that end is often training to complete a 5K.

The first thing that new runners need to understand is that it’s all about the journey, not the destination. A starting point for training isn’t to sign up to run a 5K in a few months. Working under that kind of pressure and with a fixed time frame to achieve the goal can be detrimental to motivation and progress rather than encouraging it. In fact, some people in various stages of health conditions may not ever be able to complete this type of run, which equates to more than three miles at a go. But with this goal in mind, our Greenville personal trainers can help you develop the mindset and regimen to get your body in shape for the endeavor.

The very first step is building up your muscles and getting in shape for running. You can’t just start out of the gate as a runner without any former exercise routine in place. You have to walk on the treadmill before you can run. You’ll want to focus on a gym workout routine that helps you strengthen your core, tone your muscles and build up endurance. Pivotal Fitness Greenville members should also ask about our nutrition consultations to learn what foods and supplements can aid your health and body strength from the inside out to help you meet your running goals.

Check back next week for the beginners’ running tips you need to train for your 5K.