1. Nourish. Eat three balanced meals per day. Make your first meal of the day rich with protein (at least 30g). Select carbs that are low on the glycemic index. Choose healthy fats. Avoid drinking your calories. Drink lots of water. You know the drill.
  2. Work out on off times. There’s nothing more irritating than hitting a crowded gym with nothing available. Try to hit the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club at non-peak hours to avoid the crowds and distractions.
  3. Purchase a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors are more accurate in calculating the amount of calories burned compared to machines. Purchase one of these to get a true reading.
  4. Consult Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym trainers. Need guidance? Don’t hesitate to ask our crew!
  5. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Breathe through your workouts. Cultivate a steady, rhythmic breath. Less thinking, more breathing.
  6. Build strength. Don’t fear lifting! Building strength is far more important in terms of fat loss than cardio. The next best thing to strength training is maintaining a balanced, healthy diet. So, choose foods that support you and your workouts.
  7. Work with a personal trainer. If you need more one-on-one assistance, set up a few sessions with our Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym personal trainers.
  8. Strike a balance between effort and ease. Know when to push through it, and know when to back off. Sometimes pain does not equal gain. Listen up to your body’s needs.
  9. Sport wicking wear. Sweaty, sticky gym clothes can be uncomfortable and distracting. Avoid this phenomenon and select wicking wear. This material breathes beautifully and prevents sweat build-up. Plus, it prevents skin irritation and breakouts.
  10. Limit pre and post-workout treats. Don’t overdo it on the snacks. Try to get all of your fuel from your daily 3 balanced meals, but if you must, opt for a snack that is high in protein and not too carb heavy. Be judicious. Nut and nut butters are excellent in moderation. Wash down your treats with lots of water.

According to the latest study by the National Weight Control Registry, individuals need more than just diet and exercise to stay in shape. One of the critical elements of health and fitness that’s often overlooked is the need for social support. At Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville gym, you can meet with a personal trainer for regular, one-on-one sessions that exclusively focus on you and your unique workout needs.

Personal trainers not only tell you which activities to perform each week and teach you the best ways to execute each exercise. They also provide support, encouragement—and sometimes the firm, honest feedback that you need to meet your strength and weight-loss goals. Feeling like you’re not alone as you work on attaining your best body is paramount to long-lasting success.

Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville health club offers a range of services and plans that come with personal training. Options fall into three main categories:

  • VIP Series
  • Traditional Series
  • Buddy Training

And all new members receive one free training session with a personal trainer to talk about your goals. You can target that one spot on your body you’ve always wished was more tone, seek overall muscle conditioning or simply kick up your metabolism to have your body always working for you–even when you’re not working out. Our Greenville personal trainers can also talk with you about nutrition and help you institute daily dietary practices into your own life to complement all the hard work you do at the gym.

Learn more about Pivotal Fitness Greenville – Personal Training.