Last week we started talking about how to open your mind to using weights when you visit our Greenville gym. Here are a few more reasons that people might put off familiarizing with weights – plus some answers and information you can use to combat those common doubts.

3. Maybe you feel like introducing weights will change the way you work out.

You don’t have to totally become a weight-lifter just because you spend some time at the Greenville gym focusing on weights. You can add them to other fitness routines, like jogging with some light weights in hand. You can even add them into your everyday activities. For example, once you’re familiar with some sets, you can get a pair of hand weights to use at home. Then you can just pick them up to get in a few extra reps while dinner’s on the stove, the laundry’s running or even when you’re watching TV.

4. Maybe it seems hard to motivate yourself to try something new.

Just remember to psych yourself up, rather than psyching yourself out. The first step is simply getting to know your weights. Come in soon and ask us about some very easy dumbbell reps you can learn in less than a half-hour. Just be sure to ask a fitness instructor rather than copying your workout neighbor, because you want to be sure you’re holding and moving your weights just right to target your goals and avoid straining your muscles. After that, you can just upgrade to slightly heavier weights whenever you happen to be comfortable! With weight-lifting, it’s easy and effective to move at your own pace.

5. Maybe you just haven’t had the opportunity before.

Well now’s the time! We’re encouraging you to come by soon and try out something new. Whether you do want a buff build or you’re just wondering how some little tips and tricks about using weights will benefit your typical fitness routine, we’ve got the training and tools that you need. Got any additional questions about picking up some weights to improve your well-being and shed the, well, weight? Just reach out – your knowledgeable and certified Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club staff is always here to help.