Trim the turkey. Trim the tree. Trim your gift list. Trim your budget. There’s a lot of trimming involved during the holiday season. But one area that’s often overlooked is keeping your figure trim while feasting at various parties and dinners.

Some people use the holidays as an excuse to eat whatever they want and skip trips to the gym under the guise of celebration—but ‘feast or famine’ is never a healthy mindset, whether you’re thinking about food or drink or exercise or anything else. Moderation is the key to your healthiest mind and body. So even though you’re busy balancing work, fun and extra holiday errands, it’s still important that you continue to make time for going to your local Greenville gym. Plus, you’ll feel so much better about yourself when it’s January 1 and you look just as great as you did before Thanksgiving.

One way to stay on track even when you’re very busy is to print out one of our updated Pivotal Fitness Greenville group exercise schedules to stay on top of special events and opportunities. Plus, just seeing this on your fridge every day will surely make you think twice about reaching for seconds of dessert!

Another idea is to pick up some appointments with a Greenville personal trainer if you don’t already have one. Your personal trainer doesn’t just help you target your goals and perform exercise the right way—he or she also motivates you to stay on task and visit regularly.

Last but not least, you can visit our blog each week to learn about what’s going on at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health club and hear our thoughts on nutrition and exercise topics. Coming back to our website on a regular basis will keep your gym visits at the top of your mind, even during these crazed, festive weeks–and on into the New Year.