If you’re new to our Greenville gym, the first thing you’ll want to do is get yourself a good pair of sneakers for working out. Sneakers support and stabilize your overall gym efforts, providing a sturdy foundation for the whole body. This can keep you from shifting your weight or posture in a way that can be bad for your spine or musculature. If you already have a pair of old sneakers, they may be too worn in to provide the correct amount of structure for your feet. However, if you’re getting brand new sneakers, you may want to wear them around town for awhile between gym visits and go for long walks to break them in a little.

When shopping for gym sneakers, you want to look for something without a particular activity designation. For example, even if you think you’ll be hitting the hoops at the park on the weekends, if you buy shoes intended for basketball they might not be the right style for long-distance running on the treadmill. Unless you’re choosing an all-purpose shoe, you may want to buy something specific to the activity you aim to do the most (like spinning or weight lifting) or get a standard walking/running shoe.

Shop at a store that specializes in sneakers, like Footlocker, rather than going to a generic department store. The staff there can help you determine what shape and size shoe you need. They can assess your walking style and body type as well as your gym interests, plus tell you what the shoe should feel like when you’re trying it on around the store. It also helps to shop at the end of the day, when your feet are usually as swollen as they’re going to be, more like what they might be at the end of a long workout session.

Plus, don’t hesitate to ask the Pivotal Fitness Greenville trainers what their favorite brands and styles are; we’re always happy to talk about the kicks we love. But the color and design? That’s “solely” up to you.