You may associate gym memberships with young, fit, active individuals. We tend to
think about those who are married, busy with their jobs, raising kids or even active on the
dating scene. But the truth is that visiting the gym can be extremely beneficial for middle-
aged adults who are single, especially if they don’t have families, hobbies or careers that
take up a lot of their time.

Not only is it good for an isolated middle-aged individual to work on their physical
wellness like anyone else, but coming to the gym is also a low-pressure way to meet new
people and form a social community. An Archive of Internal Medicine study shows that
loneliness and isolation can be contributing factors to shorter life spans. Adults ages 45
through 80 who live by themselves or spend a large amount of time alone are actually
much more susceptible to illnesses such as heart complications and stroke, the new
report explains. They commonly lead shorter lives than those who are socially active and

Visiting the gym on a regular basis improves heart conditions for individuals susceptible
to heart attacks and high cholesterol thanks to exercise alone. But it can also reduce their
overall risk simply because they’re getting out of the house to be among other people and
make new friends. The act of setting a goal or forming a constructive habit that they can
take up on their own schedule, several times a week, is a key motivational tool for people
whose lives may begin to slow down as they age.

People living alone also tend to overlook their nutritional needs more than people who
live with a family. Participating in a healthy hobby like coming to the gym can inspire
these individuals to eat better, stay active, take vitamins and introduce healthier aspects in
other areas of their life.

If you know a middle-aged adult whose life could use a social boost, consider bringing
them to our Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym to see what classes and activities they might
enjoy – there’s something for everyone at all levels of fitness.