Last week we started discussing some of the tips you can follow in order to be a more conscientious member of our Greenville gym. This week, we’ve got three more commonly accepted sports club courtesy ideas that can help you get along with your fellow fitness fans. So, resuming our count from last week:

  1. Give everyone else their space. Whether you’re waiting for a machine or just working out in the same area as someone else, it’s important to consider putting some distance between yourself and the person next to you. People often feel vulnerable at the gym, when they’re dressed down and sweating and standing under bright lights in front of large mirrors. It’s often best if you stand a little bit away, avoid staring toward anyone for too long (even by accident), and make sure everyone has enough personal space around them to feel comfortable at all times. On the other hand, if you ever feel uncomfortable because someone’s infringing on your space, please let a member of the staff know.
  1. Keep comments to yourself. Physical space is one thing, but verbal space is another. Whether you want to ask what someone’s listening to or ask whether they got their sneakers, it’s best to re-think interrupting someone’s workout or addressing someone you don’t know. Complimenting someone’s looks or technique can come off as intrusive, even if you mean well. And if you need help, it might seem easier to ask you neighbor – but it makes the gym a more congenial community if you find one of our personal trainers instead. Most people also don’t like unsolicited advice; so unless they ask you for help with a machine or with their routine, don’t offer it.
  1. Dress appropriately. Although many gyms don’t have a specific dress code, the way a school or office might, there are usually some ground rules. Outfits that are too skimpy can come off as offensive. We know you worked hard for that body, but for some people it’s simply gratuitous exposure of skin. If you’re overheating when wearing the usual athletic tanks and workout shorts, take a break, get a drink and use a towel to wipe your brow and cool down. Don’t strip down to your bra or skivvies – it’s still a public area shared by strangers of both sexes.

Be sure you’re aware of the gym’s rules – and when in doubt, just treat others the way that you’d like to be treated! If you ever have a concern, we’re here to explain policies and address any etiquette questions that you may encounter.