It’s that time of year again – time to make your resolutions for the New Year. For many people, at least one of the goals on their list will include getting in shape or losing weight. In fact, that’s one of the most popular resolutions across the board, coming in at No. 1 on many surveys next to saving money and similar financial concerns.

It’s not that people have a problem with evaluating their life and honestly targeting areas that need improvement. The usual complication comes from following through with plans to integrate nutrition and workouts into an established lifestyle. So how can you buckle down this year and achieve your wellness goals?

  1. Set realistic goals. It’s extremely important to specify what you hope to accomplish so that you can measure your success. A nebulous definition of success leaves room for excuses and discouragement. But when you have a concrete goal and can see yourself getting closer to it and progressing, it’s a powerful motivator to keep going. That’s also why it’s a good reason to delineate several smaller goals leading up to the ultimate one – like losing two pounds per week rather than 20 pounds in six months. And hitting the gym isn’t always about losing weight. For many people, the end goal involves lowering medical bills and increasing their overall lifespan. These goals are harder to measure; instead you can fulfill plans like going to the gym three times a week.
  2. Think positively. Your own mindset can make or break you when it comes to achieving New Year’s resolutions. In December, we’re all very confident about our ability to fulfill our promises. This ambition is very important when it comes to pushing yourself forward every week. Instead of making a list of your goals, you can write notes to yourself for each month of 2012, encouraging your future self to keep going and reminding yourself of all the reasons it’s important to you. Contain and keep hold of that enthusiasm to succeed all year round. There is no motivational tool that works as well as your own conviction.
  3. Get a gym membership. It’s much easier to stay on track when you have a prefixed membership to a health club. You benefit from knowledgeable staff, including class instructors and personal trainers. You can make friends and workout partners to form a community of encouragement and support. Plus, you have access to all the equipment and instruction you need to hit any goal, from a certain weight to a certain way you want to feel about yourself. By joining Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym, you’re on the road to reaching your resolutions in the New Year.