To make the most of your membership to our Greenville gym, you’ll want to do more than just come often and spend a lot of time in our classes, on machines and with weights. An important part of the workout process is muscle conditioning, which you can practice at or away from Pivotal Fitness Greenville.

By building up your muscles prior to and between gym visits, you can actually accomplish more during the time you spend here. You can work out stronger, smarter and with greater effect by toning up and training your muscles to tolerate and familiarize with certain motions.

This is also better overall for the health of your body over the years. It prevents excessive strain and injury when you’re ready to actually buckle down and work on your body. Plus, muscle conditioning exercises are fairly simple and don’t require the full effort of a workout – so you can fit them in daily.

For example, if you’re a runner, you may wish to do basic stretches and squats that help tone your biceps, quads, hamstring and inner thigh muscles. Then, your muscles have greater resistance when you drop by and go for a long jaunt on our treadmills or elliptical machines. If you simply use gym visits to work out, you may not be able to go as long or get as much out of your time as you would otherwise.

Personal trainers and other members of our staff are happy to recommend specific exercises you can practice here or at home to help you target and condition your muscles to achieve your personal goals and make the most of your gym membership.