Last week we discussed physical and mental benefits of yoga. You might think that covers the spectrum, but it’s really just the beginning. This form of exercise offers psychosomatic improvements that are linked by body and mind.

Physical + Mental Benefits

In yoga, unlike many other forms of athletics, there’s no reward for overexertion. And there’s no competitive element to this form of exercise. This decreases risk of injury and helps you understand when your body needs to rest so that you aren’t pressuring yourself to achieve more beyond your means.

Additionally, yoga classes are typically relegated to hour-plus blocks so that you go through the proper distribution of time from warming up to cooling down. With instructor-led courses, you don’t have to worry about your form or what series of poses to perform to make the most of your workout. Your knowledgeable trainer will correct your posture and help you improve each time you meet, while coaching you through a series of exercises at your level of performance. There’s also an element of group support and understanding in a classroom, so even though you concentrate mostly on yourself during classes, there’s a very social element. But there are also relaxation and concentration benefits to practicing yoga at home by yourself once you’ve mastered the techniques.

Other Benefits

Did you know that yoga can also help you fall and stay asleep? If you’re suffering from sleep disorders, yoga might do the trick to help you channel and calm your energy before bed to conquer some of those insomniac tendencies. Another byproduct of yoga is that it improves your balance, flexibility and posture. This not only refers to external balance, but also internal balance – ranging from a smoothly operating immune system to a stable metabolism. It also gives you a greater general awareness of your entire body, which can help you control your weight, notice physical changes and manage your overall health.

We hope you enjoyed reading all about yoga over the past few weeks! If you have any additional questions about how it can improve your body and mind, contact a Pivotal Fitness Greenville yoga instructor for tips, info and, of course, a class schedule.