Many of us spend a good deal of time sitting on a couch, sitting at a desk, sitting in the car. It’s one of the main reasons members look forward to their burst of healthy activity at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club. But even if you’re someone who comes by and trains seven days a week, it doesn’t necessarily counteract all of the time you spend sitting still – especially for those who spend a lot of time at work. The only way to really offset all of your immobility is to change positions and move your muscles all throughout the day. You need to regularly take breaks to stand up, walk around and stretch.

You should aim to move around every hour, whether you’re walking to the water cooler or running an errand across the office. But there are many simple ways to move around even when you’re sitting at your desk, which you should try to do every 20 minutes or so. Once you get in the habit, it will become a normal part of your daily routine.

  • Without leaving your desk, you can stretch your arms. You can hold them out to the side, pull them straight across the chest and then reach up over your head. Hold each position approximately 30 seconds.
  • In addition to rotating your shoulders, you should also remember to wiggle your fingers, flex your wrists and bend your elbows.
  • The same thing goes for below – bend your knees, wiggle your toes and rotate your ankles.
  • You can also twist your torso from side to side. Gripping the edge of the desk or back of your chair can anchor you to provide tension while you’re stretching.

It’s a good idea to take a longer walk at least once a day to get the blood circulating through your legs. This might be just around your office or out to the parking lot. If you’re able to close the door or go somewhere secluded, you can bend to touch your toes and give your back and legs a solid stretch. A few light jumping jacks can also help you boost your energy and relieve tension throughout the entire body.

All of these exercises help prevent muscular stiffness and soreness. It also helps you stay limber and flexible. When your body is in a prime mobile condition, you can actually make the most of your workout when you finally do get to stop by our Greenville gym after work. And best of all, stretching out can even help you stretch out the effects of your workout afterward.