Just when it’s starting to finally warm up outside, this month’s deluge of rainstorms may put a damper on your outdoor workout routine. Instead of getting frustrated or using this as an excuse to take a little month-long break, think of it as motivation to finally join a Greenville gym and make a habit of visiting it.

Although most health professionals are extremely supportive of supplementing gym time with an outdoor sports regimen, the best structure may be a blend of both. Those who exercise outdoors do gain some additional benefits, such as excess exposure to sunlight, and therefore Vitamin D. You also get to take in the fresh air and experience a change of scene each and every time you head outside. Meanwhile, those with a gym membership can also partake of the gym community, gym classes, personal training and plenty of diverse, top-rate equipment.

Other tips for beating the rain in order to work out this month include:

  • Start early: April showers are more common in the afternoons, so getting an early start can help you avoid many storms. Plus, you have the rest of the day to reschedule your exercise if need be.
  • Prep your gear: Whether you’re jogging with your headphones in or wearing your new top-dollar running shoes, getting caught in the rain can mean more than a minor annoyance. Having a towel, parka or plastic baggy on hand can be the difference between a successful (but slightly damp) rainy day workout and the frustrations and high costs of property damage.
  • Remember the perks: Whether it helps you keep a positive attitude by thinking about the beautiful flowers that are about to arrive or just being grateful it’s not snowing anymore, a sunny attitude can go a long way toward combating gray skies. Plus, if you work out in the rain you can skip the shower afterward–just kidding!