“I resolve to be healthy and lose weight in 2011.”

Okay, that’s nice. But a resolution is just a set of enticing words if it isn’t followed by action. It’s like making a promise to yourself with zero intention of keeping it—and you know that you should be kinder to yourself than that.

So how do you go about enforcing the resolutions you’ve lain out for the upcoming year?

First of all, break it down. When we think about a major goal, all at once—like losing 20 pounds or visiting the gym three times per week—it can seem daunting and make us quickly lose hope. What you need to do is begin at the beginning. How do you start?

Schedule an appointment to come by Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville gym and meet with someone who can give you a tour, explain membership options and recommend specific ways to address your body shaping or weight loss goals. Then, you’re not making a huge leap or considering a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. You’re just making a phone call.

And that baby step is followed by showing up. And then, hopefully, showing up again (this may be made easier with your 7-day free gym pass to explore our center at your leisure). But you can make an informed decision once you’ve come by, and there’s no need to think that far ahead. You don’t need to worry about the long haul. Just think about dialing a few digits. Just think about that short, convenient trek from your home to your gym in Greenville. Just think about one complimentary tour, one hour of your time, which can get you started off on the right foot for your entire New Year.

And all the rest? Well, we can help you with the next small steps once you get here; that’s what we’re for. And by then, you’ll have a whole team of helpful staff to support you with the follow-through. But don’t even worry about that yet—just contact us.