Summer’s a popular time of year for many newcomers to join the gym. Some people who stay active outdoors are impeded by high temperatures or sudden storms. With accommodating hours and a reliable air-conditioning unit, Pivotal Fitness’ Greenville gym offers the comfort and predictability that can help you commit to your summertime workout regimen.

It’s also the season known for beachside getaways and breaking out your bathing suits. Although we can’t guarantee a quick turnaround from flab to fabulous before it’s time to take out the sweaters again, what we can do is put you on the right track toward a healthy, positive and happy lifestyle. Getting into a routine at the gym boosts your confidence, so you can feel great about yourself as you apply your newfound energy to activities you enjoy, like travel.

This season, we’re offering fun fitness sessions like Sunrise Yoga, Cardiokick and Pilates With Props. Classes run from 5:30am to 7pm, depending on the day and week; but there’s always something to accommodate all schedules. Plus, if you’ve got little ones at home, it’s a wonderful excuse to carve out time for yourself and get out of the house. You can find the complete summer guide to our Greenville gym here – and there are also schedules for our other South Carolina gym locations in case you happen to be in the neighborhood!