The third quarter of the year, when seasons are changing and life seems to slow down for awhile just before the holiday rush, is a time when a lot of people lose their energy to hit the gym. But you don’t have to fall prey to this common dilemma; it’s in your power to overcome your seasonal slump. As your family of cheerleaders at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym, we’ll be backing you up every step of the way. And we know that you’ll be happy that you pushed through.

Here are some motivational reasons (and excuses) to keep up with your routine:

  1. This is actually the ideal time to knock off some extra pounds without pressure. Use this downtime between your summer vacation and the holiday food fest to put forth a little extra effort and shed weight or shape up. When you’re guiltlessly chowing down on Halloween candy or having that second slice of Thanksgiving pie, you’ll be grateful you didn’t give up in the months ahead.
  1. With holidays comes chaos, but you can ward off the extra year-end stress. We recommend to residents of Greensville: yoga. It’s the perfect way to center yourself so that you can mentally and emotionally handle the pressures that come with extra travel, family time, gift-giving ceremonies and other holiday traditions. If you start training your body with introductory yoga lessons now, by the time the Thanksgiving-Hannukah-Christmas-New-Year’s whirlwind hits, you’ll already feel like an experienced yogi who’s ready to tackle the seemingly endless cocktail parties, office social events and trips to the mall.
  1. Take advantage of weather that invigorates you to leave the house. You know it’s going to take extra convincing to head out to the gym when the weather gets cold; use the enticing fall atmosphere as your excuse to build up an unbreakable routine that will help you keep it up in rougher weather.
  1. September is a time for fresh starts. Kids head back to school, the nights start cooling off (harkening to a time when the days will, too), leases traditionally renew and there’s no reason you shouldn’t replenish your resolve to stick with a steady schedule. Other than the start of the New Year, many choose September as a time for resolutions, setting goals and starting over. Now’s your time to construct a routine that targets all of your ultimate body conditioning goals.