Have you hit a strength building plateau?

Here are 4 fundamental ways to train for even more strength at the Greenville gym.

  1. Add Load. Adding load (or increasing resistance) to a lift/exercise is a classic way to create more strength and build more muscle. Weight training, for example, employs the principle of progressive overload, in which the muscles are overloaded by striving to lift at least as much weight as they are capable. Sets pile up, and so does the weight. Muscles respond by growing larger and stronger. This process is repeated with progressively heavier weights as the lifter gains more strength and endurance.
  2. Increase Time Under Tension. This can be achieved by performing more reps or performing an exercise longer. This adds to the total work done in your Greenville health club training session.
  3. Increase Range of Motion. In lifting, this is a style of training called progressive movement training, in which the lifter aims to gradually increase the range of motion throughout a training cycle. The lifter will start with a much heavier weight than they could manage in the full range of motion, only moving through a portion of the movement. As the training cycle progresses, the lifter will gingerly increase the range of motion until the joint moves through the full range of the exercise.
  4. Speed Up! Another way to train for more strength, is to increase the tempo of the movement. In lifting, for example, move the bar as fast as possible through the concentric (up) phase of the motion regardless of the load involved. To observers, the increased tempo might not look impressively speedy, but the intention is to explode through the movement as quickly as possible. The workout remains the same in terms of sets, reps and load, but the quality of effort is much greater, as are the training results.

Go heavier, longer and faster to boost your Greenville athletic club training results and create a stronger you. If you need help developing a strength training routine, call on the fitness experts at the Greenville sports club!

  1. Get stronger. Develop greater overall strength, especially in the core.
  2. Fire up your core. Challenge and sculpt your midsection by working the deep core muscles of the body.
  3. Be comfortable. Most of the movements are gentle and are performed in a seated or supine (reclining) position. The impact is low and the weight bearing materials are minimal making this form of exercise incredibly safe and supportive. Plus, there are many modifications for the practice allowing you to work where you are at and slowly build the intensity. Due to its accessibly, Pilates is a great tool for physical therapy.
  4. Improve balance. Enhancing your abdominal strength and building deep core support will strongly benefit your ability to balance.
  5. Increase body awareness. Become more connected in mind and body.
  6. Move with greater ease. Re-train the body to maintain proper alignment to move more safely and efficiently – a great tool for injury recovery, sports and Greenville gym performance, proper posture, and overall health and fitness.
  7. Achieve body symmetry. Correct muscular imbalances and remove blockages i.e. tight shoulders, hips, hammies, etc.
  8. Pain relief. Do Pilates to find relief from certain types of back pain. Many people use Pilates to actually manage the symptoms of their back pain. For some, it has proven incredibly effective.
  9. Reduce your risk of injury. Creating a body of equal flexibility and strength strongly reduces your risk for injury while you’re working it hard at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym.
  10. Boost your game. Enhance your sports performance and your Greenville gym activity as a result of all the benefits Pilates will provide you, including greater agility, strength, balance, concentration, and flexibility. This is why many professional athletes turn to Pilates. It is a great preventative tool and also, great for overall mind and body enhancement.
  11. Learn to breathe. Pilates will teach you how to develop more efficient breathing. Each movement is connected with the breath, thereby enhancing mind-body unification and flowing, unforced movements. Also, breathing reduces stress and refreshes the mind and body.

This “Monday Funday” challenge is brought to you by Krissy Cags, a dedicated personal trainer at Rise Above Fitness (RAF) and an amazing fitness inspiration.

If you don’t have anything planned for your Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym workout, this is what you get to do today. Yay! Throw yourself into the fire this Monday with a full-body, intense workout challenge.

Before you get on with this 3-part challenge, whip out a kettle bell and a jump rope. Now, you’re ready to get down with some wild Monday Funday Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym love.

 Monday Funday Challenge:

  • 10 Burpee Rope Slams
  • 20 Box Jumps
  • 30 Kettle Bells Swings

Repeat 3 times. Why? Because the best things in life come in threes!

  • 40 Walking Lunges
  • 50 Mountain Climbers
  • 60 Russian Twists

Repeat 3 times.

  • 70 Jump Rope
  • 80 Meter Prowlers
  • 90 Second Sprint

Repeat 3 times.

Wowza! This challenge is a butt-kicker.

This workout will build strength, boost endurance, increase stamina, and generate a crazy, well-deserved sweat. Greenville gym enthusiasts, you are in for a cardio, strength-building treat today. Get ready to rumble RAF style.

Happy Monday!!

Note: If you have any questions regarding technique and form, or for more specifics on the exercises, don’t hesitate to consult one of the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym personal trainers. The Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club and team is happy to help and support you in any way possible!