Usually, it seems like the most difficult muscle to tone is the one you happen to be targeting. Sometimes it seems like you’re hitting the gym regularly, but your muscle just refuses to show some definition. You can add a few extra miles to your walking/running routine and immediately your calves slim up – but you can do 100 squats every day for weeks and your thighs simply refuse to get into shape.

This is perfectly normal, because your entire body isn’t designed to react in consistent ways to the same work-out techniques. Muscle groups that are difficult to train differ for everyone. Your build, lifestyle, family history and general anatomical makeup can affect how your body reacts to exercise. A few of the most common areas of the body that are hard to work out are the buttocks, the backs of your arms and the lower belly. Although working hard without results can be frustrating, it’s never a sign that you should give up!

Let your Greenville trainer know which areas you’d like to get into shape. Tell him or her what you’ve done in the past to try and tone up – and what difficulties you’re having when you attempt to successfully build these muscles. The team at your local Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym knows some tips and tricks to help you get past the first hurdles of breaking down muscle to build yourself up and condition your body to respond best to your exercise routine.

Based on your experience, what do you think is the toughest muscle to tone?