Now that the weather has been warming up, many people are adding to their usual indoor workout routines at our Greenville gym and seeking ways to exercise outdoors. With that in mind, we’ve come up with an overview of the top trails in the nearby area. Check out a few of these on the next sunny spring day:

  1. Lake Placid Loop – This trail spans 1.2 miles and can easily be completed in about an hour. It may take longer for those who wish to stop and rest at one of numerous sitting areas. This is the perfect hiking trail to get started if you’re not an expert, with minimal elevation. It’s also scenic for an afternoon stroll, with bridges and even a waterfall.
  2. Jones Gap Trail – This popular hike is a moderate one.  The easiest route is 5 miles long at an overall ascension of 1,600 feet (the first half is in descent). Reviewers have found it to be relaxing, secluded and shady. Water attributes include a parallel-running river, the Saluda. The hike is a loop that takes between 3-4 hours. Dogs are welcome.
  3. Falls Creek Falls Hike – For a real challenge, those with advanced skills might enjoy this trail. It’s not that the path takes long to complete – it’s shorter than 2 miles and can be done in about 1.5 hours – but there are steep and difficult patches along the mostly uphill hike. The reward is a gorgeous waterfall and picnic spot. Rest awhile and take it in, because you’ll have to go back the way you came.
  4. Bridal Veil Falls Trail – If you like a big payoff for a hearty hike, this option offers a unique 120-foot water cascade to enjoy just when you’re ready to take a rest. Part of DuPont State Forest, which has a number of options featuring waterfalls, the trail leading to the Bridal Veil Falls is about 5 miles or fewer than 3 hours in length (in and back). Other sites to take in include stonework, bridges and barns.
  5. Swamp Rabbit Trail – In the heart of Greenville, this trail is about 13 miles and suitable for medium-skill hikers or bikers of any level. The path winds through Reedy River Park, which is ideal for families (there’s even a dog park for your canine pals). Water features include a waterfalls and Furman Lake. It’s a flat, straight, easy-to-navigate choice with a variety of scenes to take in as you traverse the suggested course.