Last week we started discussing the way that your workplace habitat can lead to weight gain and an overall detriment to health. And we named some simple changes you can make to rectify the situation — although you can probably get creative and find solutions on your own that meet your specific office needs. Here are a few more common traps and our thoughts:

  1. Pizza day. You work hard, and you deserve a reward. But so often employers reward their staff with food, like donuts and pizza. And hey, it’s hard to resist a free meal. But if you know it’s a free food day and that there isn’t going to be a healthy option, bring in one of your favorite meals as a replacement — like sushi or a fresh sub sandwich. It can still be a treat day for you, and you’ll feel even more rewarded because you’ll know you made the right choice.
  1. Stress eating. When we’re at work, we often don’t take the time to pause and enjoy our meals. It’s a common sight: Workers sitting in front of their computer screens, mindlessly bringing food to their mouths. By walking away from your desk and taking an allotted amount of time to actually eat slowly and pay attention to your snack and meal breaks, you’re less likely to overeat or choose foods that are worse for you.

Regular visits to the gym are a great start to combat workplace sluggishness brought on by making poor food choices or not exercising from 9 to 5. You can even make a pact with fellow co-workers to join Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym together and encourage each other’s commitment to fitness and health.

But if you feel overwhelmed by external factors that are built into your lifestyle, you may want additional nutritional guidance that keeps you motivated — from a medical standpoint. Updated recommendations from the American Academy of Family Physicians and U.S. Preventive Services Task Force suggest that guided help from medical professionals can improve how a person behaves when it comes to weight control. In this case, seek a referral to a behavior management program with 12 to 26 sessions in your first year in order to break daily workplace patterns and get results.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight in a safe and healthy way. But there are a few tips and techniques that can help you shed a few pounds without crash dieting or depriving yourself of fulfilling treats that you love. Here are our top tricks:

1. Cut out sugary beverages. Try switching to soda water when you’re craving something carbonated. Even diet drinks can contribute to weight gain when you drink them in excess. Sweet drinks are one of the top causes for weight gain or an inability to lose weight. Which is why we also advise that you…

2. Eliminate alcohol. Many calories are hidden in what you might consider fairly safe beverages that you only have once in awhile—especially wine with dinner or any cocktails that include soda or sweet mixers. Some drinks are better than others, such as choosing a low-carb beer instead of something full-bodied. But remember, it’s called “beer belly” for a reason!

3. Carry a healthy snack with you at all times. Some items, such as cereal bars, are great to keep in your purse or in the car. This way, when you’re on the go and get hit with hunger, instead of hitting the drive-through you have a healthy alternative on hand. This can also save you money! Double points.

4. Break up your meals. Start with a big breakfast and then slowly ebb off eating every few hours with smaller bites throughout the day. An apple, a handful of nuts or a cereal bar between meals will help you eat less, and you won’t have to think about eating as much, either. Keep yourself from ever getting really, really hungry, which is when you can cave to cravings and make poor eating choices.

5. Drink lots of water. This simple point cannot be emphasized enough! Most adults don’t drink enough H2O. The recommended amount is about eight glasses a day. Drinking water all day will stave off hunger and is exceptionally good for your health. This is of utmost importance before, during and after your workout routine at the gym.