The clocks have changed, the holidays are upon us, and we’re starting to feel the true chill of winter descending on our neighborhoods. These aren’t just apparel cues to let us know it’s time to buy some new gloves and break out the wool coats. This is the seasonal transition where you have to make important decisions about your gym-hitting habits in order to make it through to those guilt-inducing New Year’s resolutions unscathed.

To start with, many people like to mix up their Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club visits with some exercises outside – like jogging before work or biking through the park on the weekends. When frigid weather forces you indoors, you may be cutting off some of your important contributions to your health and weight loss practices. You can anticipate this change and start adding some new routines now, easing into the change when it still feels like a choice and you haven’t entirely surrendered your outdoor habits yet. Our staff can help you replicate the workouts you’re missing so that your running or biking or swimming muscles are still primed for when its time to head outside once again.

There are others who might have considered or even tried our Greenville gym, but haven’t yet committed to membership (you know who you are). This is the critical time to make up your mind about whether you want to buckle down and start building fitness into your lifestyle or if you’re going to put it off for another few months. In the depths of winter, it’s proven difficult for people to integrate new elements or habits into their schedule. Think of it as a kind of motivational hibernation. When it’s ten degrees outside and there’s a foot of snow on the ground, you’d rather hunker down on your couch and marathon your favorite TV series than get up and check out our wide range of equipment or learn how a personal trainer can diligently push you to achieve your workout goals.

But right now, you can pause and make the smart decision to come by and talk to us about getting your fitness goals on track to coast through the end of the year with high spirits and strong self-confidence. By the time you’re shedding layers for spring, you’ll be revealing a toner, fitter, healthier you!