It’s not just a simple, soothing drink. Regularly sipping on warm water and lemon every morning boasts many health benefits that are just too good and plentiful to overlook.

Warm Lemon Water Benefits: 

  1. Immune System Booster.
    Lemons, being chock-full of Vitamin C and potassium, are great for beating colds and activating brain and nerve functions that assist in controlling blood pressure.
  2. pH Neutralizer.
    The body prefers to maintain a more alkaline (basic) environment. Contrary to what you might think, lemons create an alkaline environment once metabolized and inside of the body. Yes, they taste acidic, but once inside, they undergo a metabolic process rendering a more alkaline body – an essential component of good health.
  3. Appetite Suppressant.
    Are you trying to lose weight to support your goals at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health club? Lemons, being high in pectin fiber, help to ward off cravings. Also, studies suggest that people who keep a more alkaline diet lose weight faster.
  4. Digestive Aid/Cleanser.
    Lemon juice is a diuretic, meaning it increases the rate of urination in the body, thus flushing out unwanted materials and trapped toxins at a quicker rate. This keeps your urinary tract in good shape.
  5. Skin Booster.  
    Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles and blemishes. Plus, lemon water releases toxins from the blood which helps keep your skin healthy and glowing.
  6. Hydrating.
    Lemon water (being mostly water) keeps dehydration and adrenal fatigue in check. When your body is dehydrated, or incredibly dehydrated (adrenal fatigue) things can get messy, including toxic buildup, stress, constipation, trouble sleeping, low energy, depression – you name it. Keep your adrenals happy and hydrated to better regulate your stress response. Stay energized and balanced so you can keep on keepin’ on at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville sports club.
  7. Natural Breath Freshener.
    Alongside lemony fresh breath, lemons have been known to help ease the symptoms of tooth pain and gingivitis!
  8. Healing.
    The abundance of vitamin C in lemons promotes wound healing. Vitamin C helps keep bones, connective tissue, and cartilage healthy. What’s more, vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, vitamin C is an essential component of good health and recovery from any stress and/or injury incurred in your Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym workouts.

To create this lemon drink yourself, simply fill up a mug with hot water and squeeze ½ lemon into the water.

Put back this cup of goodness to support your day and your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club. Enjoy!

Pu-erh tea has been touted for many years as the ultimate diet tea. Also, it has been celebrated for its many potential health benefits:

  1. Cardiovascular protection. The tea is thought to protect the heart and blood vessels due to its high level of antioxidants. Pu-erh is believed to reduce arteriosclerosis, helping to prevent strokes.
  2. Enhanced immunity. Due to its high level of antioxidants, Pu-erh may help fight cancer and promote cell health.
  3. Lowers cholesterol. Pu-erh contains small amounts of a chemical called lovastatin. Lovastatin is a prescription medicine used for lowering cholesterol.
  4. Enhanced awareness. Pu-erh tea contains caffeine, which helps to sharpen concentration when consumed throughout the day.
  5. Lowers blood sugar levels significantly. For this reason, Pu-erh may help to prevent diabetes.
  6. Anti-inflammatory properties. Pu-erh contains the amino acid GABA, which may help to alleviate arthritis, asthma, and arteriosclerosis. The chemical theophylline, which is naturally occurring in tea leaves, is a key component in some asthma medications.
  7. Boosts digestion.
  8. Promotes weight loss.
  9. Opens the meridians (energy centers). In Chinese medicine, Pu-erh is said to “warm the middle burner” (the spleen and stomach) and promote “blood cleansing” and digestion. For these reasons, the tea is regularly consumed after heavy meals or used as a hangover curative/preventative.

To really reap the benefits of Pu-erh tea, it is believed that you should adhere to the following guidelines when it comes to your exercises at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym and beyond.

  1. Eat clean. Your diet should support your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club. Eat healthy foods that enhance your energy and make you strong. Eat three balanced meals per day. Follow up your meals with a cup of Pu-erh to soothe your stomach and boost digestion.
  2. No strenuous exercise post-meals. Wait a couple of hours before hitting the the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health center after you eat. Strenuous exercise after eating any food will get in the way of proper digestion. Also, the health benefits of Pu-erh will not be properly performed.
  3. Exercise properly. Don’t exhaust your energy by exercising to excess at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health club. Excess exercise will drain your energy, and cause your body to secrete acid. Hence, you will feel tired. At this time, you can fortunately consume alkaline foods to balance your body’s pH, such as Pu-erh tea.



Herbs can be powerful weight-loss catalysts when incorporated into a regular, well-balanced diet. Many herbs serve as metabolism and energy boosters, detoxifying agents, and also provide enhanced flavor to your foods.

While herbs can definitely assist the weight-loss process, they only do so when combined with a healthy lifestyle complete with good dietary and exercise habits. Herbs alone will do you no good. You gotta keep up with your Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym workouts and keep fueling your body with only the best to reap the benefits of these powerful supplements.

1. Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon stabilizes and regulates your blood sugar. It slows down the absorption of food so that you feel full for extended periods of time with the same amount of, or fewer, calories.
  • It adds a sweetness to foods, which can help you to ward off cravings.
  • It moves fat from the liver so that your body can use it for energy. This can lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.
  • It normalizes the burning and digestion of fat (mustard, black pepper, and cayenne also do this, so incorporate these into your cooking as well!)

2. Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia)

  • This berry serves as an appetite suppressant and prevents the body from producing and holding onto fat.

3. Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

  • This is an adaptogen herb, meaning it helps the body adapt to the stress of change – both physically and mentally (perhaps a new job, or a new workout at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club).
  • Ginseng allows you greater access to stored energy, making you less tired and, thus, more likely to commit to a new activity, such as Greenville yoga classes, weightlifting, etc.

For more nutritional guidance, consult our knowledgeable personal trainers at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville health center. As always, before you begin taking any herbal supplements, it’s best to consult your doctor.

Do you get enough sleep?

If not, you might be jeopardizing your health and your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville Sports Club.

Adequate sleep and weight loss go hand in hand. Getting enough shut-eye (along with a healthy, well-balanced diet and solid Pivotal Fitness Greenville Gym routine) plays a major role in weight loss management. In fact, research has shown that sleep deprivation can actually cause weight gain. Why?


Sleep induces different hormonal responses in your body.

Two hormones involved in appetite regulation include leptin and ghrelin. Leptin suppresses hunger, while ghrelin stimulates hunger. Sleep deprivation produces lower levels of leptin and increased levels of ghrelin, thus stimulating hunger. Adequate sleep has the opposite effect, increasing your levels of leptin and decreasing your levels of ghrelin, thus decreasing your appetite.

What’s more, when you’re enjoying some shut-eye, your pituitary gland secretes an increased amount of growth hormones – hormones that are responsible for stimulating cell regeneration, reproduction, and growth. These are the hormones involved in building muscle. Increased levels of growth hormones correlate to a higher metabolism. A higher metabolism means your body is better equipped to burn energy fast, thus promoting weight loss.

Lastly, adequate sleep (8 hours per night) reduces the cortisol levels in your blood. Sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels, really stunting your metabolism. Cortisol promotes the break down of proteins into glucose. If you have excess glucose in your body, it will get stored as fat and your body’s ability to build muscle will be compromised. Low cortisol is paramount for effective weight loss. So, a good night’s sleep truly does matter.

When you’re working out at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville Health Center, you are actually stressing your muscles. To balance this stress and allow your body to heal, it’s important to rest and recover. Sleep is where this healing process happens most effectively. If you don’t sleep enough, your performance at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville Athletic Club will surely suffer.

Sleep to support your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville Health Club.

Rest, recover, and grow stronger!




According to health and fitness guru, Tim Ferriss, one of the most effective ways you can promote weight loss is via the consumption of a protein-rich breakfast. Within 30 minutes of rising, it is highly advised that you consume at least 30g of protein (such as 3 eggs or a protein shake). This amount of protein has been proven to boost the metabolism and ward off potential cravings during the day. This breakfast, as opposed to a high-fat or high-carb breakfast, has proven way more successful in promoting fat loss and keeping the fat off.

It’s so simple. Just rise and within 30 minutes consume a breakfast fortified with 30g of protein. Hence, 30/30. Then, go work it at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym.

If you don’t have the time to prepare a complicated protein-rich breakfast, bring out the blender. Here’s a simple protein shake recipe of sustenance (inspired by Tim Ferriss) to support your activities throughout the day at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym.

  • 24 oz (3 cups) 2% or whole organic milk. Note: Use almond or soy milk if dairy free.
  • 30 g whey protein isolate (chocolate tends to work best). Note: Use rice protein if you’re lactose intolerant.
  • 1 banana
  • 3 heaping tbsp almond butter with no added sugar, maltodextrin, or syrups (preferably organic).
  • 5 ice cubes

Caloric and protein profile with 2% milk (approximate): 970 cal, 75 g protein.

Protein shakes are an acceptable meal replacement, especially for breakfast. Don’t, however, make a habit of replacing a lot of your meals with protein shakes, as you will miss out on the benefits of whole foods. Also, remember that protein has dehydrating properties. So, be sure to drink plenty of water when you are playing with protein shakes. Lastly, be careful with these protein dense shakes. If you aren’t a bodybuilder or elite athlete, you could very well overdo it, exceeding the amount of daily protein you actually need and thus, the amount of calories you actually need, resulting in unintentional weight gain.

Remember: All things in moderation. If you want my advice, just stick to these protein dynamos as occasional breakfast alternatives.

There is a cardio craze going on out there (especially for women) and it needs to stop…or at least hugely subside. Excess gym cardio is not the answer to sustainable fat loss. Excess gym cardio is not the way to burn off all of those weekend delights and indulgences. Excess gym cardio is not the way to a slimmer, fitter, and healthier you.

Okay, I’m not dissing cardio altogether here. I’m just saying it’s over-emphasized as a fat loss dynamo, when in reality, it’s really not so. Cardio in moderation is just fine. Dedicating yourself to it likes it’s a part-time job is not.

Here’s why:

  1. Too much cardio can impair the production of the thyroid hormone T3 and its effectiveness and metabolism. This has been shown to lead to a potential hypothyroid condition. Yikes.
  2. Running on a regular basis tricks your body into survival mode. Your body views all of this consistent running as serious stress on the body. To preserve itself, it will change the way it releases fat cells overtime. In fact, it will stop releasing them altogether (its way of conserving energy). It will accumulate them making it incredibly difficult to burn fat. Where does the body take its energy from, then? Keep reading.
  3. Muscle. Too much steady-state cardio actually initiates the loss of muscle, which triggers a bone density decrease and the loss of strength. Not good.
  4. Another thing: Frequenting the treadmill is basically asking for a chronic injury to go down. Because the belt is propelled by itself, you don’t actively engage your posterior chain (hammies, glutes) that would normally be needed to “pull” the ground in front of you. Hence, you get over developed quads, which causes an imbalance in the body. Treadmills should be used in moderation.

Release yourself from the confines of excess gym cardio. Go lift some weights next time you are at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym. Go practice some Greenville yoga. Build strength. Eat a healthy, wholesome diet. Consider these health and fitness initiatives your main priorities. Cardio should be an infrequent, short side note.

If you stick to a Paleo, low carb, or slow carb diet, you are going to dig this online resource. If you don’t, this might be your inspiration to start some Paleo exploration.

I recently discovered The Foodee Project – an online collaboration of Paleo friendly recipes from various Paleo friendly bloggers. So far, I have found this comprehensive recipe site incredibly awesome. As a Paleo/slow carb enthusiast, I am always jazzed to discover collaborative efforts and communities preaching the Paleo way.

But that’s not the only reason this website is so cool.

With a free subscription, The Foodee Project has the ability to put together your weekly grocery list organized by isle and customized by serving size. How convenient is that? Instead of aimlessly walking around the grocery store and wasting precious minutes you could be spending at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym, you now have a super useful (and FREE) tool to craft your grocery list for you. With this grocery list in hand, you are less likely to stray over to the junk food. When you get smart and make a list, you are more likely to select quality foods and stay on track.

Furthermore, the Foodee recipes are highly accessible. I’m not one to attempt recipes with loads of ingredients. That’s too overwhelming and time intensive. These easy-to-master recipes are chalk-full of flavor while being light on the ingredients. So far, I have found the recipes simple to prepare, yet satiating.

What’s more, the site specifies Whole30 approved recipes. Whole30 approved recipes are devoid of added sugars (real or artificial), grains, legumes, dairy, and aren’t “Paleo-ified” renditions of desserts or treats.

These Whole30 recipes are designed for the Whole30 program. This program is a commitment to eat Paleo for 30 days. Many people have experienced incredible life and health transformation via this program. Learn more about it here.

What I love about Paleo is that it’s not restrictive or boring. Plus, the benefits are astounding. Eat Paleo to:

  • Feel satisfied and full
  • Boost your energy
  • Fuel your athletic performance at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym
  • Regulate your sugar levels
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Shed pounds
  • Reduce risk of metabolic disease
  • Excite your palate

Build a healthier, happier body so you can rock your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym and better meet your fitness goals.

Diets are a dime a dozen. There’s such a plethora of information out there, much of it contradictory and confusing, that it’s hard to know how and what to eat these days. That’s why I dig the Paleo diet. It, presumably, takes us back to how humans ate prior to the modernization of food and agriculture. Before all these crazy diet tactics, eating was simple. Humans consumed the following foods: fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. That’s all, folks.

Why should you give the Paleo plan a whirl?

  1. Fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and seafood are high in beneficial nutrients, including soluble fiber, antioxidant vitamins, phytochemicals, omega-3 and monounsaturated fats, and low-glycemic carbohydrates – all nutrients believed to promote solid health.
  2. Paleo foods are low in refined sugars and grains, trans fats, salt, high-glycemic carbohydrates, and processed foods – all foods believed to prompt weight gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and additional health issues.
  3. Health nuts, faddists, fitness extremists, etc. did not concoct the Paleo diet. This method of eating organically evolved as a response to nature. What nature provided, humans ate for generations for the purposes of fuel and survival. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors did not have the excess of processed and contrived food choices that we have today – choices that are corrupting human health.
  4. Many diets leave you feeling depleted of energy and chronically hungry. This is bad news for your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym. The Paleo plan is different! Being high in protein and healthy fats, you will definitely feel energized and sustained. Plus, high-protein, low-glycemic diets have proven more effective for weight loss and maintenance compared to the oh-so-popular low-fat, low-protein, and high-carbohydrate diets.
  5. The carbs (unlimited fruits and veggies) consumed on the Paleo plan are of a low-glycemic index, meaning that they cause slow and controlled increases in blood sugar and insulin levels. Most carbs consumed these days do the total opposite, creating excessive insulin and blood sugar levels responsible for obesity, hypertension, undesirable blood cholesterol and other blood lipid levels, Type 2 diabetes and gout. No good.
  6. Consuming unlimited low-glycemic carbs from fresh fruits and veggies will slightly alkalize your body. Diseases and disease symptoms of acid/base imbalance (osteoporosis, kidney stones, hypertension, stroke, asthma, insomnia, motion sickness, inner ear ringing, and exercise-induced asthma) may improve.
  7. The Paleo plan, being high in soluble fiber, has proven effective in improving digestion, diseases of the GI tract, and inflammatory bowel diseases.
  8. High-protein diets, such as the Paleo diet, have proven helpful in reducing symptoms of depression.
  9. Low in salt and high in soluble fiber, the Paleo diet reduces bloating. If you’re working on sculpting some flatter abs at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym, you might consider pairing your workouts with the Paleo plan.
  10. It’s a clean, simple way to eat. No need to check labels. No need to research and fret over the caloric intake of anything and everything you consume. This plan is all about sticking to the basics. The grocery store should be a much easier place to navigate on this plan.

So, what do you think? Worth a shot? I think so. Test it out for a few weeks to see if caveman eating complements and enhances your training at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym.

Countless myths are constantly circulating with regards to fitness, health, and weight loss. There’s one in particular that I would like to debunk…

Myth: Weight training makes women look bulky.

Many women shy away from weight training because they are under the impression that they’ll end up expanding instead of leaning down.

Sure, if you’re a woman abusing steroids.

The truth is, to be bulky and appear manly you have to be producing lots of testosterone. The average man produces 10 times more testosterone than the average female. So, unless you are popping steroids, fear not morphing into a man. You will retain your womanly physique if you lift weights, all the while gaining muscle and loosing fat.

Lots of women also believe that the key to weight loss is loads of cardio. Wrong. While cardio is beneficial to your health, you have to be careful because lots of cardio will result in loss of muscle. Loss of muscle makes it that much harder to stay fit and keep the weight off. As you shed fat and muscle simultaneously, you weaken your digestive fire. Less muscle, then, correlates to a lower metabolism. No good.

So, what’s the best weight loss solution?

You may not want to hear this: Diet is first and foremost the most important component in cutting fat. Second to diet is a solid weight training program. Cardio comes in last. In fact, it’s not even necessary to kill yourself with cardio. Clean eating combined with weight (or strength) training creates a highly effective fat loss package all on its own, sans cardio.

So, it’s always odd to me to see so many people (especially women) killing themselves with cardio and avoiding lifting. While a cardio craze may yield temporary weight loss results, it’s not effective for sustained weight loss. To sustain, you must watch what you put in your body and boost your strength.

Next time you are at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym opt for a weight training routine over cardio. Maybe even consult a Greenville gym personal trainer to help you design a customized diet plan and weight training program.

Shift your perspective and make strength and diet a priority to realize true, lasting weight loss results.

Maybe your self-transformation progress feels like it has reached a standstill. Maybe you need an extra push to motivate and move you upward to finally achieve your fitness goals and create your best you. Maybe what you are doing right now is not enough. Maybe you need to rework your focus – to place your energies on a new exercise routine or a new meal plan. Maybe you just desire some new information – a fresh perspective on fitness, health, and healing.

The following 3 resources have helped to transform my life, fitness, overall health, and perspective. They steered me in the right direction, effectively and quickly enhanced my progress, and supported (and continue to support) my health.

The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

Get thinner, bigger, faster, and stronger! Learn the ins and outs of the slow-carb lifestyle in this comprehensive book. Also, read up on how to improve sexual prowess, how to slim down, how to build 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days, and how to eat whatever you want in excess one day per week and still loose weight. That’s not all. You’ll gain additional weight loss and strength enhancement tips and tricks.

This book is accessible, informative, and self-supporting. You will gain plenty of tested tools to create your best you, including various exercises to perform while working it at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym.

Not sure you want to plunge into this massive text. Enjoy the first chapter FREE. I bet you’ll become convinced of its incredible value.

The Slow-Carb Cookbook (Online)

Enjoy lots of healthy, creative, and easy to whip up slow-carb eats in this handy-dandy online cookbook. These slow-carb meals will definitely enhance weight-loss and promote the buildup of muscle. Eat a slow-carb diet for 20 days, and you’ll surely realize inches lost, pounds lost, and definition gained. This diet will definitely support your workouts at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym by boosting your energy and creating a leaner, lighter, and stronger you. 

Eat-Taste-Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living

Learn about the healing science of Ayurveda – the most ancient system of healthy living and medicine. Create harmony within by eating foods appropriate for your mind and body and by involving yourself in healthy lifestyle practices, such as yoga and meditation. Learn to eat right for your unique make-up and design. Learn to personalize your health and healing and cater to your own specific needs. Completely restore and transform your health! Plus, experiment with new, healthy recipes and foods!

Use of these 3 resources will definitely complement what you’re already achieving at the Pivotal Fitness Greenville athletic club and may even get you to where you want to be faster and more effectively. So, add these fitness gems to your list of things to read and implement!