If you’re looking for the best weightlifting app to track your Greenville Gym weight training workouts and boost your strength, the STRONGLIFTS 5X5 app is where it’s at! Available for download on all iPhone/iPod and most Android devices, this app boasts a bounty of easy-to-use features that even the most novice of weightlifters can get behind. And the fact that it’s both free to download and free of ads is a major bonus!

Mehdi, founder of StrongLifts, lists the following app features:

  • “Track how many reps and sets you did with a simple tap so you never forget it again
  • Timer shows how long you’ve rested, and how long you should to get your next set
  • Automatically increase weight by 2.5kg/5lb each workout (customize in settings)
  • Auto-alternate workouts A/B so you know which exercise to do each workout
  • Automatically repeat the weight if you fail to get five reps on every set
  • Automatically deload if you fail three sets in a row on an exercise
  • And a lot more like kg/lb version, notes, calendar, history, etc.” 

If you want to start weightlifting or just create more structure in your training at the Greenville athletic club, StrongLifts 5×5 is both a highly rated and highly recommended tool. It most definitely warrants a download. And it most definitely manifests muscle-building results (Follow StrongLifts on Twitter).

Plus, the Greenville health club has everything you could possibly need to complete this routine in the Advanced Training Area of the gym. If you need a little extra help with the lifts in this program, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Greenville sports club trainer. For those totally new to lifting, a weightlifting coach, at least initially, is strongly urged to ensure your technique is solid and safe.

Happy Lifting!