Did you know that our Pivotal Fitness Greenville gym has an exclusive area just for females? That’s right; available through a private entrance, this section offers 4,000 square feet of space with weights, cardiovascular machines and other equipment that’s either especially suited for a woman’s workout routine or simply more popular with our female gym-goers than our men. It’s everything you need to work out distraction-free!

What are the benefits of a ladies-only gym? Well, many women prefer to work out in an area where they don’t feel judged by how they look to men. It provides them with a sense of empowerment, and enables them to let loose. No makeup necessary, cute gym clothes are optional—and you can always leave your body-consciousness at the door. It’s just about focusing on you, surrounded by other ladies who would like to do the same. Many times, women are much more productive and satisfied when working out only with their female gym-goers.

You can access the ladies-only gym with a standard membership. There is no specific membership just to the women’s gym, and you can partake of all other Pivotal Fitness benefits, classes and equipment anytime you’d like. We listen to what Greenville residents really want from their community gym. It’s just another way we stand out from the crowd to serve our members.