Did you know that your Greenville gym membership comes with guest privileges?

Your friends and family are going to be thrilled that you’re a member of Pivotal Fitness Greenville’s health club. Because that means they can stop by and work out at our top-rate facilities, too.

If your guest is a local resident who may consider their own membership, they can spend a day with you for free. They must be 18 and can only attain this privilege once for free. On the plus side, those considering gym membership don’t have to rely on you, since we offer a 7-day free trial; but your “sponsorship” can give them a taste to let them see the workout facilities and enjoy their time with you at the gym before considering their trial.

Return guests can pay a flat, low fee of $15 to come by for the day. So if you’ve got guests visiting you or want to bond with a co-worker outside of the office, just invite them along. All of our workout facilities and services are open to them when they sign up and get their guest card.

Plus, having a buddy with you can drastically improve your morale and therefore the overall effectiveness of your workout. You’re inspired to work harder, do more reps and simply have a fun time despite the challenges when your friend is at the gym with you.

We love to see new faces enjoying the equipment, classes and services available at our Greenville gym, so please never hesitate to talk to us about bringing along the people close to you — we know you’d love them to experience the many rewards of your healthy lifestyle.